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AT&T Business

7 Reviews

When things are up and running i would give them a top mark, BUT if something isn't working the customer service is the worst ever. My system went down and it was almost 2 days of constant phone calls and e-mails before I found someone to fix the issue. They had given our ip address to a different customer so I guess they had 2 unhappy customers for those 2 days. #spiceworks


Verizon Business

6 Reviews

Excellent service and reliability. Equipment could use an upgrade or better provider. But the speeds are untouchable in the industry. Cant beat the price for the service either, much more affordable than cable internet for the speed thats provided. And its verizon, if google was in the area i would certainly choose them, but verizon would be #2. #spiceworks


Cox Business

4 Reviews

Switched to this provider about 3 months ago. Had some difficulties during the transition to them but that was mainly our problem and not theirs, and inspite of it being our issue, they helped us out. Have only had one service problem during this time where one of our sites on our fiber ring went down, called their support team and they got it resolved very quickly. Been great so far. #spiceworks


Comcast Business

3 Reviews

We've been using Comcast Business / Enterprise Fiber services for the past 8 months. We use the fiber connection for our PRI, main internet connection, and a private line to our facility. Comcast's business team was by far the easiest to work with and they took the time to sit down with us and help form a solution that best met our needs with the best price. They also took the time to describe exactly how the build would be handled, who would pay for the build (them), and how they recommended handling the switchover with minimal downtime. Their pricing was very good and comparable to their competition. We found that their SLA was better than the competition in our area as well. I've found that the latency between our main site across the EPL to our remote facility dropped from ~16ms average with prior service down to 1ms average! In addition our connection going external is consistent with speed and latency always around ~17ms to external major sites. Performance is excellent. Up time has been excellent, we did see one quick ~2 second outage during a scheduled maintenance window that they notified us of well in advance (maintenance was at 2AM). Originally we where worried about not having a dedicated rep like we had at our prior ISP, but I've found that it has not been necessary at all. From the original build to the few calls I've placed to them (regarding gathering basic info about the circuits) have all been handled timely and with good knowledge by the support center tech that answers (one was escalated quickly), note this is their business / enterprise support center. They do not dump the fiber enterprise customers in with the coax support and it shows. We have had a single issue with the PRI component of the circuit a few months back. It had to do with their trunk to Verizon. I opened a ticket and very quickly they determined that they where at fault. Through the entire issues they maintained frequent communication with our IT staff to keep us aware of the progress to fix the issue. Moving to Comcast Fiber lowered our costs (drastically), increased our uptime, increased our speeds. I highly recommend their Fiber services. #SpicySith


Level 3 Communications

3 Reviews

We just switched over to Level 3 Communications from AT&T and we have noticed a SIGNIFICANT increase in speed and reliability. Our initial configuration was smooth and went off without a single complaint. Our rep is very knowledgeable and flexible in regards to our schedule - we had to finalize moving over our connection at 4:30 in the morning and our rep was there, ready to go. I highly recommend their services! #spiceworks


Time Warner Cable Business Class

3 Reviews

I have used Time Warner Cable Business Class for 10 years and overall have been satisfied with their service but do fine it overpriced. They do have SLA’s on their fiber services and do respond when needed. We did have an installation problem with a fiber line that was caused by a subcontractor. Time Warner should monitor their subcontractors more than they do. Time Warner did get a fiber crew out right away to get the line restored after the outage and Time Warner did follow up multiple times on the mater. #spiceworks


Lumen Technologies

2 Reviews

We are set up with Century Link and Cox between our branch offices in several cities, with Century Link being primary for the main office. In a single year, there was only one outage and that was due to nearby construction slicing through their fiber. Century Link has been an excellent provider and I highly recommend them! #spiceworks


Windstream Enterprise

2 Reviews

Have had pretty good luck with Windstream. We have had them for a little over a year. Very fast responses and they always get our issue's fixed. I would recommend there service to a anyone that is looking to upgrade to fiber or switch providers. We have had little to no down time while using Windstreams Business. #spiceworks


Cincinatti Bell

1 Reviews

We have been on Cincinnati Bell fiber for over a year now and have been very satisfied. The installer was quick and professional and customer support has been responsive and quick to correct any issues, which have been very few.



1 Reviews

One of my client enjoying google fiber internet for last 4 months. what can i say, i just envy him. as a consultant, all i had to do is just watch and learn with their engineers. we didn't even needed to touch anything to configure externally. the users diidnt even know it switched from older company apart from the speed. no more user complaining, etc.. awesome support. #spiceworks


Grande Communications Business

1 Reviews

If you've seen me gush about their phone service, it comes as no surprise that their internet and associated service is by far the best I've dealt with. As with their phone service, technical contact is their network operations, they're quick to respond to change and support requests, again I'll say, if you are within their coverage area do yourself a service and move to Grande now, you'll be glad you did. #Spiceworks


Noel Communications

1 Reviews

We are a mid-size law firm with offices in Yakima and Sunnyside, WA. I inherited a 5MB upload/5MB download Point-to-Point connection between our offices via Charter Business as well as a 100MB Fiber Internet connection with Pocket iNet at our main office. While both services had been reliable, fiber connectivity was finally available at our Sunnyside office and the 5x5 had become unworkable. Through Noel Communications we were able to bring both services under a single provider. The build cost was negligible thanks to bundling both services/locations. As far as the Point-to-Point goes, the 5MB copper connection is now a 50MB symmetric fiber connection for the same price (scalable to 1GB symmetric). Our main office has a 100MB symmetric fiber internet connection. Install at both locations went quickly and smoothly. The installers were very professional, thought ahead, kept things tidy, and even went so far as to seal the gaps around cabling installed by other vendors at our main office. We've had no unplanned outages. Any servicing Noel Communications has done well outside of business hours and clearly and effectively communicated well in advance. Noel Communications has improved the communication and collaboration between our offices as well as provided a stable, scalable platform for our continued growth in business, in personnel, and in our capacity to leverage technology. #SpicySith


Shaw Business

1 Reviews

We've used this isp on the west coast of Canada for a number of years across two sites with virtually no issues Overall we found technical support very capable and prompt Line performance was as advertised or better



1 Reviews

I used to work for a large MSP. We used XO on a large project of turning up over 100 fiber circuits. XO was spot on. I do not remember any issues, or problems, except an XO truck getting stolen. That is besides the point. I would recommend XO for any business. #spiceworks


Zayo Group

1 Reviews

We have had our internet network hosted by Zayo fiber for the past 2 years. We found their sales and service people easy to work with and very accomidating of our lack of technical networking knowledge (routes and vlans on our switches). Their fiber team worked with us to do new construction to all tree of our offices and helped us work out a contract that would be the best for us. #spiceworks


1wire Fiber

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365 Data Centers

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ACC Business

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AIS Network

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Accel Networks

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Access One

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Altice Business (formerly Lightpath, Suddentlink)

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American Telesis

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Atlantic Broadband Business

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BCN Telecom

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BT Group

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