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At CYRISMA, we are a group of individuals with a passion for cybersecurity. We have a simple but powerful guiding principle:

Cybersecurity is for EVERYONE

In our many years in the cybersecurity industry, we have seen that small businesses are the most severely impacted when a breach occurs, and also the most underserved by security vendors. For the longest time, managed service providers working with SMBs would struggle to find viable technology solutions for their clients – solutions that would allow them to implement strong security controls at an affordable price. A vast majority of security products were complex, expensive and geared towards the needs of large enterprises.

Detangling Complexity
We built CYRISMA (Cyber Risk Information Security Management Accountability) – a feature-rich, powerful and affordable SaaS solution – to detangle the complexity of cybersecurity. With multiple risk management capabilities combined in a single, easy-to-use platform, our partners can help their SMB clients manage cyber risk more effectively, strengthen their security posture, and start seeing positive results within hours of deployment.
The standard we have created with CYRISMA is a unique methodology that is repeatable for clients and continues to evolve with new and innovative cyber risk management capabilities.

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