1. How does AeroCom make money?

AeroCom charges our customers for our consulting services. Companies, however, typically receive an R.O.I. on their investment, within a few short months. Consulting fees vary, depending on the project.

2. What determines how providers are ranked, when searching for a specific product?

When searching for a product, we use two factors to determine the order that service providers are listed:

1) The number of reviews they have received

2) Their overall 5-brain rating on that product.

We try to determine a healthy formula between these two criteria.

3. Do providers who advertise get higher rankings on the site?

No. The only way you can "pay your way to the top" is if you purchase one of the two available "Preferred Listing" advertising spots on a Product Search. These ads are also marked with the word "Ad", so you can clearly see they are advertisements and not true rankings.

4. Does AeroCom only list providers or products that they have the ability to sell?

No way! All service providers are welcome on our site… the more, the better. If you've experienced them, we know others want to hear about it. Contact us here if you see that a telecom or cloud service provider, or product needs to be added.

5. What's with all the brains?

A few years ago, we started trying to figure out a symbol that would be memorable yet coincide with our target market that we serve, business IT Buyers. We decided upon a brain because we felt it was memorable and also reflective of intelligence, something that IT Buyers are well known for, within their organization. Our target market is an intelligent group of people!

6. If I inquire about consulting through AeroCom, is my contact information sent out to tons of service providers?

No. If you inquire with AeroCom for consulting, an AeroCom consultant is the only person who will have your information. Your contact information is not given to the service provider unless you give it to a service provider, directly (i.e. on a conference call that AeroCom arranges, etc.).

7. Can AeroCom help me answer technical questions about the service?

Yes, we have access to sales engineers and other valuable resources with many of the providers on our site.

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