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One Ring Networks is a preferred network solutions provider. Founded in 2005, One Ring Networks has quickly grown from a regional alternative access carrier to a large Tier 2 carrier with a national backbone. Originally based solely in Atlanta, our telecom services power local organizations with business Internet and a host of voice and data solutions.

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Kit Carker

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Fixed Wireless Internet


There is zero reason t ok use them for voice. The voice socks and the wireless, is OK at best. Has around 85 to 90% reliability.no reason t ok use them for fiber as it is simple resale and a master agent can provide much better choices and better pricing. The bad thing about them m is how they treat people. All the employees who built the company have been ran m out through a myriad of really crappie business practices. Unfortunately someone will need a job and they will work for John and Kris and they will be lied to, driven like dogs paid like paupers, there is zero respect for people here and you are better off working at Walmart and the pay is slightly less. Not telling how many times they changed insurance while I was there. N ok vacation time because that m is frowned on. Field techs.. very bad career move dude. Do not d ok m it , or it will be regretted. And lastly do not get hurt, or sick there because they will drop, you like a hot potato.

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