Content Guidelines

General Guidelines

In terms of content, our goal is to have all of our users posting intelligent and honest stuff. Although we think many of you IT Buyers are smart enough to be rocket scientists, even rocket scientists need to hear what we mean by "honest and intelligent." Please read and familiarize yourself with the content guidelines below and notify us if you see anything that you think is a little off course.

  • Positivity is the Best: Positive reviews actually make the biggest impact in change because if a provider gets a lot of positive reviews, it can create massive shifts in buying behavior. This public flood of business to the do-gooder provider is the best motivator for their competitors to "up their game." However, negative experiences do happen. If you have a negative review, try to keep your review constructive, not condemning. The negative rating holds enough bit in itself, so use your actual review to explain details and tell them how it could be better next time.

  • Inappropriate content: A swear word here and there is tolerated with moderation, but there is no place on our site for threats, harassment, lewdness, hate speech, and other displays of bigotry.

  • Conflicts of interest: You should only post a review if you, personally, have purchased and/or been responsible for overseeing the product and service form that provider, on behalf of a company. Just working for a company who had that provider doesn't count. Hearing stories about that provider or selling for or against that provider also does not count. Although you might have an opinion, our users are IT Buyers and they really want to hear the opinions of other IT Buyers in their shoes... nobody else. Your contributions should be honest, unbiased and objective. Fakers all eventually get spotted and ignored.

  • Promotional content: IT Buyers despise SPAM. Unless you're using your Provider Account to add content to your provider's company page, we do not allow promotional content. We want our users to enjoy getting good, non-salesy information on what they're looking for.

  • Relevance: Please do your best to stick to the topic and be objective. For example, nobody wants to hear a rant, no matter how much you think they "need to hear this." It actually kills your own credibility so breath before posting! Feel free to tell a story of your experience, giving examples, etc. but just stay on topic and don't take it to a personal level.

  • Privacy: Don’t post other people’s private information. Don't post any names of anyone. For example, don't write the name of the provider's customer service rep you spoke with. And of course, please never post photos or videos of other people without their permission.

  • Intellectual property: We have the smartest users on the planet so be yourself and that's exactly what your peers want to hear. Don't take content from other places and post it on our site as yours.