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For over 25 years, LightEdge has been a company that sees the changes coming, and makes them work to your advantage. As the leader in enterprise-grade data center solutions, we also provide colocation and private cloud hosting services. Security issues? Compliance worries? We’ve got those covered, too.

We deliver a wide range of resilient built solutions that offer peace of mind to our customers. We think business first, technology second, as a trusted part of your team. Advancing the mission for your business is the top priority for ours.

With data center locations in Des Moines, IA, Kansas City, MO, Lenexa, KS, Omaha, NE, Austin, TX, San Diego, CA, Phoenix, AZ and Raleigh, NC, customers across all industries are taking advantage of our interconnected data centers that provide 100% network uptime and 24/7/365 support. We know that digital transformation can be unnerving and lead to uncertainty along the way. At LightEdge, we believe that change creates opportunity and with us on your team, every challenge you face in the digital realm becomes an opportunity to grow your business. Because change is always coming, you might as well welcome it with open arms.

LightEdge Solutions products include Cloud Computers for your business needs

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