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The web has become a chaotic space where safety and trust have been compromised by cybercrime and data protection issues. Therefore, our team at Nord Security has a global mission to shape a more trusted and peaceful online future for people everywhere.

We're here to build a radically better internet. That means combining the best talents and leading technology to create a safe, private, and sustainable digital future for everyone.

Our Mission

Every day, our cybersecurity talents around the world create new building blocks for the digital future. Whether securing personal data privacy or access to information, Nord Security's core values and operations align with our shared vision.

So our corporate responsibility is not only a guiding pillar for our mission. It also is an honest and transparent pledge to all internet users. Our focus remains firm on creating a sustainable, open, and private internet, welcoming everyone on their digital journey.

As a global tech company, our core impact lies within the 6 impact areas:

  • Data privacy and cybersecurity
  • Community engagement
  • Workforce development
  • Diversity Equality and inclusion
  • Governance
  • Carbon emissions and responsible use of energy

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