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GLOBAL-MTI is a technology services company providing global, multi-vendor, multi-technology network solutions. We have been around since 2004 providing large scale enterprise solutions for the world foremost Manufacturers, Carriers, System Integrators, VARS and Enterprise Clients.

At GLOBAL, we realize how mission critical communication networks are in today’s fast paced business environment. We support our customers with the most flexible, dynamic, and competitive technology solutions available today. From carrier and network infrastructure services, to planning, coordinating, and implementing complex networks, our experience, professionalism, and efficiency allows for unparalleled customer satisfaction.

With our unique team of industry leading talent, we have built and implemented a modular menu driven service model that allows our customers the maximum amount of flexibility when addressing their technology needs. With an eco-system of over 140 industry leading national and global best of breed suppliers, a footprint of over 1600 field engineers, and an expansive and experienced team of network support specialists, GLOBAL provides a logical bundled approach towards solving each of our customer’s unique needs with a careful eye on security, sustainability and scalability.

At GLOBAL, we are committed to building long term strategic relationships by consistently achieving industry excellence.

For every valued customer our goal is simple - Consolidate Costs, Simplify Processes, Optimize Technology.

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