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After years of working in various executive roles within the telecommunications industry, we realized there was a need for a carrier-agnostic SD-WAN and carrier circuit managed services company.

We talked to telecom agents plagued by poorly configured networks that didn’t result in the promised cost savings. We spoke with CEOs frustrated by being tied to a single carrier that provided poor customer service. And, based on what we learned, we put our minds together and dreamt up the business now known as Halo Global.

Since our inception, we’ve developed engineering and support resources for an array of different SD-WAN platforms. We own our network operations center and offer streamlined billing and support for multiple vendors and platforms. We also work with all vendor and carrier circuits, without exception. This approach allows us to employ a consultative mindset when our customers weigh their infrastructure and support options.

Unlike carriers or salespeople, Halo Global isn’t limited to strictly selling a single solution. We let the needs of our customers shape the technological solutions we recommend, provide, and support. We won’t suggest any tools or services until we have a thorough understanding of your unique situation. After all, it’s only then that we can accurately address your needs.

When it comes to WANs and carrier management, Halo handles it all. Whether we procure an SD-WAN solution for you, or you arrange it yourself, we can address the day-to-day management. Even better, we do all of this while providing exceptional customer support, so you’re never in the dark about your infrastructure.

Instead of wasting hours worrying about your WAN, let Halo handle your networking. With us, your enterprise has more room — and more time — to grow.

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