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Cybersecurity is difficult. Networking is difficult. Bolting-on cybersecurity on top of networking is painful. This bolt-on model has historically blocked innovation. Infrastructure, telcos, configuration,  VPN, WAF, SWG, MPLS, proprietary solutions. Ugh. In two words, "not software". 

NetFoundry changed the game. NetFoundry enables software and service providers to integrate secure networking into their products, as software. Products can be anything from a home IoT app to an internal enterprise tool to a global cybersecurity service. Networking and security are joined - security is built-in, rather than bolted-on - and is made into software.

NetFoundry is the originator and maintainer of OpenZiti, the world's most used open source zero trust networking platform, which enables developers to embed zero trust networking inside apps, proxies, browsers, APIs, IoT and everything in between.  NetFoundry provides CloudZiti, as hosted NaaS, available in OEM and whitelabel models.

NetFoundry Inc. is a Delaware C Corp, formed in 2019. Our NetFoundry team - Zitizens - is global, with our largest pods in NC and NY. Join us in reinventing secure networking!

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