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For too long organizations across all industries and geographies have struggled to quantify and frame cyber risk in financial terms to make optimal investments into means of improving cyber risk posture in a measurable fashion. Existing methodologies for both measurement and reporting have been fraught with subjectivity and fail to yield the data needed to inform decision-making and ongoingly monitor the efficacy of measures put into place.

Maxxsure was founded in 2016 with the mission of developing the best-in-class cyber risk quantification and management solution that takes a truly holistic survey of all internal and external influencing factors over the cyber risk posture of an organization. At last, organizations can confidently prioritize their cyber risk remediation measures, make educated decisions on risk acceptance levels, and use concrete data to help determine appropriate levels of cyber risk insurance coverage that align with budget and risk tolerance. With Maxxsure, organizations have continuous line of sight into their cyber risk, allowing them to access up-to-date data to make adaptations to their cyber risk management strategies as their needs and environments change.

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