About AeroCom

AeroCom is the best place for your company to shop for business cloud, WAN and telecommunications services. From Hosted VoIP to Fiber Internet, and everything in between, AeroCom makes it easy for you to select the best service for your company.

Our story:

In 2003, after 4 years of working as a successful salesperson for a major business ISP, Mike Smith saw something.

Time after time, as Mike presented his company's proposal for voice and data solutions, he saw a look of confusion and concern on the face of the decision-maker sitting across from him.

“They liked the pricing but it was a classic example of the "choice overload."" Mike said. "It's the theory that you hear about in consumer psychology. They have done many studies which prove that, when given an overwhelming amount of purchase options, a buyer's likelihood to purchase drops significantly and if they do purchase something, their buyers' remorse dramatically increases. Buyers need a way to quickly filter their options to two or three choices."

“When it came to purchasing telecom or cloud for their company, there were many new technologies and hundreds of service providers to choose from. But the buyers didn’t have time to research and filter all the options… so they were buying somewhat blind and feeling the stress. Not to mention, most had previously been burned by making a bad choice”

People who were buying telecom or cloud service for their company needed a way to quickly filter the multitude of options.

So, Mike created AeroCom, a consulting company that quickly filters the options and makes buying simple.

“It was a crazy time.” Explains Mike. “My wife, Carrie, was pregnant with our first child but we both believed in the concept so much that we decided to take a leap of faith and start the business anyway. She was working as a Speech Pathologist, which helped us make ends meet until we got our first couple hundred customers.”

It's a simple concept. You can browse AeroCom's extensive website for information to help you with your decision; Or you can use our consulting services.

Recently, AeroCom further simplified the buying process by adding the ability for decision-makers to write and browse reviews on each service provider (specific to each product).

“For years, our customers had been asking us if there was a website where they could see reviews on the service providers we were quoting… so we finally got sick of saying “no” and just built it ourselves.” At the same time, it gave us an opportunity to tie Pediatric Brain Cancer Research into the fabric of our company.” Said Mike.

Fast forward 13 years (and 4 kids total for Mike and Carrie), AeroCom has helped thousands of companies of all sizes, nationwide, dramatically simplify the selection process for business telecom, WAN and cloud service, including such large names as LG, Stamps.com, Wish, and The Emmy Awards. Countless decision-makers obviously agree this is a service that simplifies their job.

AeroCom has also won numerous awards from business ISP’s, Cloud Service Providers and Telecommunications Service Providers for being one of the top consulting companies in the United States. In 2011, Mike Smith was honored for being one of the top 40 business people in Orange County, under 40 years-old, by OC Metro Magazine.

Looking to the future, AeroCom has a huge, audacious, long-term goal of being the leader in changing the way companies buy telecom, Internet and cloud service.

Mike says, “I want companies like ours to be the norm of how buyers purchase their company’s telecom, Internet and cloud services. It may sound a little extreme to some people but I’m very passionate about educating decision-makers on how much easier it is for them to buy their company's services this way.”

AeroCom's Purpose:

  1. To dramatically simplify the buying experience when purchasing business telecom and cloud services.
  2. To lift the spirits of as many people as possible by striving to practice Christian values such as humbleness, service and love, in our daily business interactions.
  3. To give Hope to families struggling with pediatric brain cancer.

Customer Testimonials

“AeroCom is very knowledgeable in the voice and data market. They have been instrumental in bringing innovative and cost saving solutions to Teletrac. I strongly recommend AeroCom for your communications needs.” Clint Moore - National Telecommunications Manager - Teletrac Navman

“I have been enjoying great service, professional response time and a courteous manner from AeroCom. They easily translated complex technologies into regular language which fit our business goals.” Yong Hoon Choi - IT Administrator - LG International

“AeroCom has always taken care of our company. When we needed to reconsider our provider a few years ago, they worked out multiple quotes, explained how things would work to our advantage, and pointed us to the best possible vendor. We have been pleased with their recommendations and we have been very pleased with their assistance.” Mark Ma - Network & Telecommunications Administrator - Balboa Water Group

"Our Law Firm recently moved its LA branch office.The general planning was in place for months, but by the time we signed the lease, we had only two weeks left to complete the move. AeroCom did a great negotiating with the Telecom providers to make sure we had the best phone service and internet set up prior to our move date. They worked closely with our IT Vendor and our Phone Vendor to make sure we had a smooth and timely transition. We had little room for error and AeroCom made everything happen for us. Our move would not have happened without the hard work and dedication AeroCom put into our move. I would highly recommend any company consult with AeroCom prior to any big pending events, or just to improve your communications technology.” Terry Vickery - Office Administrator - Aleshire & Wynder, LLP

“I have always remained appreciative of our AeroCom representative’s help and confident about both his abilities and interest in helping. Quite honestly, I find many people who just phone it in and make it obvious they really don't have a clue what they are doing (and I mean generally in the world all around us). Our AeroCom representative is not one of them.” David Katz - Network Engineer - Hinshaw & Culbertson, LLP

“Our telecom service is running great. The bandwidth is phenomenal and I can really notice the difference in web browsing and download speeds. Our AeroCom representative did a wonderful job staying on top of the project and pressing our chosen service provider to install the circuit on time. Thanks for the efforts.” Azi Farooquee - Ells CPAs

"As a Vice President of a tradeshow company, we are constantly trying to find ways to enhance the services we provide to our clients. AeroCom is an example of how we can do this on two different levels. 

On the first level, they provided a great service to our company, as they did all the research (which can be extremely time consuming and without them would have needed to be done by our own company's personnel). Once they did all the work, then all we needed to do was make a decision, which was based on their recommendation of a product that best fit our company's needs. They did this with their years of experience and expertise and always kept our company's immediate needs as well as the growth of our company in mind. The service they provided us, ultimately enabled our company and personnel to focus on our most important assets, our clients. I truly wish that there were more companies offering this type of product, service and customer care that they have provided us. 

On the second level, AeroCom showed me how a simple service can benefit a company. They are an example of what I hope our company can follow and maintain in providing our clients with more successful tradeshow experiences." Christina Collins - VP - International Expo Service

"Our AeroCom sales representative was most helpful during our recent move-in.  He was able to oversee, explain and organize the chaos to a dull roar. For what it’s worth - I believe it would be to a company’s benefit to meet with AeroCom as a resource for their company’s communications technology." Patti Austin-Murray - Executive Administrator - VMG Equity Partners

"This serves as a high recommendation for the quality of services that our AeroCom representative provided to our company. We were very impressed with his responsiveness, thoroughness, detail-orientation and attitude. He was extremely professional while also being informative and presenting our company with multiple options. He guided us through all of the specifics of the options, educating us along the way.

When we made a decision, we felt confident in AeroCom's information and guidance and our determination. Our AeroCom representative also walked us through the contracts so that we could make sure we understood all terms and conditions and that our deal was accurately and thoroughly reflected in the contracts.

Our AeroCom representative was an excellent consultant to work with. He was so competant to help us review options, make an informed decision and then execute on the option we selected. We trusted him implicitly and highly recommend his services." - Lucy Daniels - VP - Electri-Tech Services, Inc.