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We have been using Nextiva for some time as an MSP, and we also set this up for clients. Generally in use for small/medium business size. Benefit to see status on the desktop app, if someone is available, on the phone, etc. Nice feature to have chat integrated also. Would recommend. #spicysip


Flowroute, A BCM One Company

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Not currently using it, but when I was at my previous job we were using Flowroute. It was working ten times better than our other SIPS. Setup was a breeze and the free trial was a must in order to make sure that it was what the client was looking for. Everything worked out and the client ended up going with Flowroute and haven't looked back since. #spiceworks



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We were planning to get corsiva SIP trunk but when we realised shoretel going to take it over, we cancelled it after 1 year. The quality is good and customer service is great. but we had bad experience with shoretel so the management decided not to continue even though i wouldn't mind #spicysip



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We were looking for a VoIP leader that understood our needs and had a successful track record for handling large, growing businesses like ours. Voxox helped us lower costs and increase our communication ROI.



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A few years back we had used NexVortex for a small admin office with two trunks. They had a hard time transition our account and we also had a billing concern. Support seems to work well for us, but eventually we had made a switch. As long as you clearly understand what you are signing up for, its a good decision. We experienced good up time. Administering the account dashboard was an OK experience. #spicysip



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I am using BroadVoice for the past 12 months for a factory management client. Set up was pretty easy and we were able to add users as we've grown. These phone problems have vanished with our SIP trunk, and the headaches of missing out on closing sales have vanished. it is pretty cheap and clients like it. #spicysip


Lumen Technologies

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We’re a small credit union with 5 branches in western WA supporting about 70 users. Two years ago, we decided to purchase a new VoIP phone system and, in doing so, to switch from PRI to SIP trunking since there were some cost savings to be had in doing so. While this proved to be one of the more complicated parts of our conversion to the new phone system, we have not had any trouble with SIP. We were lucky enough to have a phone vendor well versed in this conversion, and they were able to assist us in making sure that everything was in place as it should be for the new system. In looking back, I don't believe I've had a single instance where I needed to call CenturyLink for a problem with our SIP trunks. We are happy with them as SIP provider and not looking to change any time soon. #SpicySith


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I found this service by accident. The website is not the most attractive, and I initially found it confusing and just about moved on.... then one of my friend said it is worth trying. so i started checking it out again and it took me more than two days to get proper setup and once everything is in place , it is a perfect solution. customer service is good and very responsive. the problem is choose this only if you have time and patience. #spicysip



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We were using alteva before the merger with momentum and it was a great SIP solution but during the merger period something made it really bad and even customer service were bit bad to get support from. post merger support is getting better as i have to call every now and then for clients #spicysip


BCN Telecom

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BCN Telecom is a very efficient and reasonably priced solution for SIP trunking. It's very easy to setup and use and help is there when you need it. We have a decent internet connection and sometimes we still have call drops or loss of connection. But they provide great sustomer service. Provides unique features. We are happy with the consistency of the service. #spicysip


Broadview Networks

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We got this because Broadview offers SIP trunking services that support end-to-end IP connectivity, from the local router to providers, secure MPLS IP network. IT is very easy to work with Asterisk and Freeswitch. But they have very bad connection issues. i get atleast 2 connectivity issues per week. might have to change the hardware #spicysip



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We currently use IntelePeer (and it's partner, Intelisys) for our SIP Trunk setup. The initial configuration had already been completed by the time I was hired on, but from what I've been told the setup was a breeze. I have dealt with the customer service reps on 3 occasions so far and have been pleased with the results. They are efficient, reasonably priced, and quick to find a solution to any issues that arise. #spiceworks



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I like this mainly because nitel's basic trunks offer unlimited inbound and metered outbound calling. i have offered this to the non-govt organisations ans by far , it is the best option for them. #spicysip


AT&T Business

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i used at&t sip trunk before i have to say it is the worst service i ever had. they never had time or team enough to support current clients and i don't blame customer service as they looked like they cant cope with it. once i had to wait 20 minutes after multiple transfer to get an 3rd line support team. #spicysip



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IT is cheap and Reduces Costs with unlimited long-distance calling in the U.S. you just need to purchase only the trunks you need. It works with even lower bandwidth connections where there aren't many good providers near texas. #spicysip


Birch Communications for Business

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birch offer unlimted voice and dat single connection that works with our existing IP PBX called SIPconnect and you just need to purchases only the lines you need rather than a full 23 chaneel PRI. DIDs and tolfree numbers are cheap. BUt the main drawback is support. It works great when it works otherwise contacting support is always a pain. i had problems of waiting 10 minutes once from my personal mobile call , not good. #spicysip


CCI Network Services

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SIP Trunk from CCINS is easy to use. The vendor was very helpful in setting up the system and training on how to use. The system we have is affordable and very user-friendly.We have had the system for over two years and continue to be happy with it. #spicysip



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I changed VOIP providers to get away from the abysmal voice quality I was experiencing and this is by far the best sound quality I've encountered. but initial setup and deployment can be time consuming. The most feature rich, easy-to-sign-up, forward thinking design of any sip carrier portal to date. Lots of options, asterisk friendly, very creative group. #spicySIP


Level 3 Communications

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Level three communications has a great solutions but they had no free trial . only included free demo and personal had in experience for 2 -3 hours. so we didn't get enough exposure to test it properly. international calling is free or cheaper with this provider and they can reroute call automatically. #spicysip



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I am started using this service mainly because they offer service without contract if you have more than 10 or similar phones. they helped me to setup and very helpful whenever there is a problem. Pricing is attractive as well and the whole system makes life simpler for IT in general. #spicysip



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We have used Mettel for 8 years now and are extremely happy. We are approximately 700 users and 50 locations nationwide. We use Mettel for SIP trunks, MPLS, POTS, and DIA. They are always helpful, willing to sit down and have planning meetings and work with us in any way - before and after implementation. A bright star in the dark world of Telecom.



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We have now had SIP.US for over 2 years and have been very pleased with the service overall. We are not really an organization 1000s employees so it was perfect for us. very cheap and reliable. but i don't think it is fit for large organization. it works Great with Asterisk so perfect for us. #spicysip


Time Warner Cable Business Class

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I don't know what is worse its billing team or its marketing team. they don't provide what they offer during marketing and they will provide the bill that never mentioned. service is great but you get the pain from other parts of service to make it bad. i wouldn't use them again. #spicysip


TouchTone Communications

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Please do not trust this company. They asked to deposit $16000 for SIP trunk services which we did and then dissapeared and blocked account,. Now they dont even reply and we are chesing them to even provide services or refund,


Windstream Enterprise

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Very easy to use , installation is a very basic process and support is very responsive. We installed this for a 1000+ company and they dont get much problems with this at all. once installation and training completed , it does take much time for anyone to manage this product. #spicysip


1wire Fiber

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Access One

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Access Point

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