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We know people want to be successful in business and life. In order to do that they need reliable internet, voice, and data connections that match the speed of our fast-paced world. The problem is most provider available in rural Oregon and Washington aren't consistently fast or reliable, which leaves people feeling frustrated and held back.

At LS Networks, we believe that no one should have to settle for service that's less than light speed, no matter where they live or work. We understand what it's like to battle slow connections that impact productivity and growth opportunities because, like them, we live and work in the rural Pacific Northwest.

In 2005, we decided to address this challenge head on. With over 7,500 route miles of fiber and growing, our network has the capacity to serve the most demanding user needs on the planet, the smallest

business and anything in between.

Our goal is that the communities we serve never have to battle poor internet performance.

LS Networks products include Fiber Internet, Fixed Wireless Internet, & MPLS WANfor your business needs

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