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Cox Business

4 Reviews

we started using cox fiber couple months back. So far I have no problems. i had bad experiences from cox before but this one is looking great. but there is some bad policies around cox when it comes to cancelling and all. the service itself is great, no limit and all. we are getting speed enough to use all our needs. #spiceworks


Time Warner Cable Business Class

4 Reviews

Not very good service at all, seems like they are not really interested in being your companies phone provider unless you opt for PRI at the very least. Then they don't supply or help with the hardware, you must put your own system in and then they will connect their PRI card. Very little support in terms of phone system and the service itself is blotchy even on a 30 x 30 fiber line phones even on internal extension calls. I do not recommend going with TWCBC for your analog phone needs.


Comcast Business

3 Reviews

I was trying to consolidate out upgrade as well as get all the copper out of the buildings. To be fair I hate POTS lines, they are a pain . So when looking to make this change we where moving t o comcast for PRI and they mentioned they do a kind of POTS line. I was sold. we made the move to comcast for the couple pots lines we needed ( security systems) and haven't had an issue since. My one big complaint is I have three buildings two internet drops and in-turn have to have 3 bills. accounting hates it and it causes confusion on support calls. if the ycould figure out how to allow my company to have one bill for all our services it would be the best vendor i deal with. #spiceworks


Lumen Technologies

3 Reviews

All of our lines were until recently held by Century Link for all of our fax and fail over for some VoIP systems. We had near constant problems with these lines and numerous calls to tech support, they were always able to resolve the issues but the downtime was a hindrance.


AT&T Business

2 Reviews

Customer service is bad. They do not bury their lines deep enough to where they are constantly getting cut. Following a problem you have to wait until the next day before stuff gets repaired. They offer no apologies and behave as its normal to have service interruptions. I cannot stress it enough stay away from them and any one who uses their lines. #Spiceworks


Grande Communications Business

2 Reviews

I cannot recommend this company enough. Especially business telecom. Our company goes through 300,000 minutes over analog lines, needless to say, we require excellent service or our whole operation falls flat on it's face. The support contact is Network Operations, not a front line call taker. They are accountable & prompt to respond to changes. The only time our phones go offline is when theirs do to. From what I understand their toll free rates are far better than any competitor. If you are able to use their service, I highly recommend Grande. #Spiceworks


Verizon Business

2 Reviews

Very fast responses and they always get our issue's fixed. I would recommend there service to a anyone that is in their service areas. We have had little to no down time with Verizon service. #spiceworks


Dynalink Communications

1 Reviews

We use Dynalink for one of our clients for their fax lines. On one occasion we lost the file containing all of the numbers, and where they redirected to. Contacting Dynalink, the first person I spoke to was able to get me the full list, and all details needed to recreate our mishap. Very happy with using them as a provider for faxes. #Spiceworks


Frontier Communications

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This is a rural remote area hospital. We have at least 30 copper lines coming into the building. Technician on site always knowledgeable and prompt. Dispatch not always on top of the case, so you do have to call them often to keep them on track. Frontier replaced Verizon and availability has improved since then. We are planning to replace the bulk of the copper lines with a PRI. Good tech support. #spiceworks.


Spectrum Business

1 Reviews

Coupled Charter's phone service with their internet package to save money with the 'bundle'. I wish I would have kept my land line. While their service offers a wide array of options, little things like forcing you to change your voicemail password repeatedly, random outages that just affect the phone service and not the internet service and first contact support 'techs' that do little more than read from a script and gather information, I found myself better off porting my number to my local cell service provider. Far less outages, if your phone line is down, customers can't contact you. #spiceworks


ACC Business

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Access Point

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Altice Business (formerly Lightpath, Suddentlink)

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Atlantic Broadband Business

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BCE Global

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BCN Telecom

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BT Group

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Birch Communications for Business

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Bluetone Communications

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Bright House Networks

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Broadview Networks

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Call One, Inc.

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Centracom Business

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Cincinatti Bell

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Coeo Solutions

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Consolidated Communications

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