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Godaddy VPS are the one of the best VPS solutions for Small web hosting companies. i tend to keep all my websites within VPS as it is very faster than shared hosting from godaddy. they provide unlimited bandwidth with certain packages and it think i have never been capped with it. I find customer serice is really great even though there are a lot complains about them #spiceworks


Amazon Web Services

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After years of a 'fingers crossed and eyes closed' update procedures, and a couple moments in the fire. We decided to take the higher route and move our testing to the cloud. After the initial investment in time of setting up a similar environment on AWS, we update all of the VM's to our current production versions and began testing. Once we had everything working as close to production as we could we were set to start breaking things (patching). This time with out the fear of losing production time, or our fingernails. We have been using AWS for a little over 6 months now, and it has saved our tails a couple times already. We chose to use the hourly charge service and we end up spending less than .90 cents an hour when we are testing. Management was easily convinced to spend the extra cost a month to ensure we are up as much as possible in production. They have been very happy, which means we are happy. We have also started to use the service for training our new techs. We setup a small environment of a couple servers and hosts. Then we break a couple things like dhcp, dns, and maybe some gpo's set to mess with them. I give them a small explanation of what isn't working and tell them dive in. Even if they don't resolve the issues, they are getting familiar with the OS's and we don't have to babysit them like we would on a production machine. If they break it, no big deal. Overall we have been very happy with our decision to move our testing to the cloud. We are now looking at possibly moving a couple of our non-critical VM's up there permanently, and switching to a set monthly charge.


Microsoft Azure

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To ask what the purpose of Azure is, is to ask "What can I do with a computer?". Anyone who has set up a virtual environment to test software updates knows what a pain the initial setup can be. The payoff for this initial setup is that you can quickly clone virtual machines and virtual hard drives for whatever purpose you have. Imagine now, that you don't need to do that initial setup. You don't need a computer to host it on. You don't need to configure a standard password on each image even, because this is all done on the fly. I used Azure to test new releases of software I was working on, as well as webpages, and for both of these purposes it excelled. Within around 3 minutes, I could set up a brand new virtual machine, having a wide selection of operating systems with which to configure it upon. I do feel the need to discuss form versus function. For that, I will say, why not both? Azure delivers a simple interface which seems reproduce the modern mobile styles in use. Larger buttons with clear text make it easy to navigate while making sure I wasn't overloaded with options, in fact, I needed to offer 5 pieces of information to start a server(Name, Specifications, Operating System, Password and Location of server). If you work in a Visual Studio environment, I would definitely say that this was for you. You only pay for what you use (though I never paid myself, I think it was something like $0.018 per hour for the lowest server) so you can test on a lower quality VM then push it onto a higher quality vm for a quick test at the cost of pennies. This worked great for a small software development team (2 people at its peak!) and I could easily see it scaling to much larger teams.



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i am using namecheap for 4 years and never had any issues with vps hosting. they are very helpfull when it comes to support. their online chant is very helpful no matter what you requesting. the price s are very cheap and their website is very well designed to get around to manages services. VPS servers are fast and well mananged. connecting from cpanel and they will help you with any queries. #spiceworks


1 & 1

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I like 1&1 shared hosting and email applications but there VPS are not the the same. i had very bad experience with customer service guys who knows nothing about what they are supposed to do. VPS interface is bit old model and hard to gain control over it. i had tried to install cpanel and it was not an easy task. i would never go back to them until customer service are better. #spiceworks



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Bluehost VPS are great for dedicated site hosting. Bluehost plans come with unlimited disk storage and most have unlimited domain hosting which is always great for small web developers. They offer unlimited bandwidth but dont expect it all the time. As a shared hosting plan user, i can say , it is far better than shared hosting. #spiceworks



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I've been using Rackspace for Cloud Servers, DNS, and CDN since 2011. They are one of the best companies in communicating with their clients that I've ever experienced. To top it off their support has always been fantastic (or Fanatical if you will). They are very prompt in responding to support tickets and have always had a very knowledgeable answer. The products themselves have been perfectly stable I haven't experienced any (known) downtime outside of communicated maintenance windows. I VERY much recommend Rackspace. #spiceworks.


Rad Web Hosting

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Rad Web Hosting has been our preferred Cloud VPS provider for 5+ years due to their reliability, affordable services, and support techs. I would recommend them to anyone looking VPS that is capable of managing at the root-level.



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I am currently exploring Cloud VM options and did the trial of Google’s Cloud VM/Public Cloud. Upon signing up, you get $300 in credits to use over the course of 6 months. Bundled into this offering is Google’s App Engine (for building and testing Apps), Compute Engine (for VMs), Container Engine (for packaging Apps), and Cloud Storage Buckets (unstructured objects in hierarchical containers). Signing up was simple, and you’re immediately presented with all of the options Google offers including VM machines, Applications and Storage Bucket. The Compute Engine allows you to create and use virtual machines that run in Google’s infrastructure. Creating a server instance was simple and straight forward. You give your instance a name, set the machine type (default is 1vCPU and 3.75 GB Ram, but you can select several different machine specs including high CPU or high memory machines), select your boot disk (preconfigured Linux, CoreOS, Ubuntu, Windows Server 2008/2012 DataCenter…or add your own windows image), set some basic firewall rules and create! I appreciated that they offer easy to follow tutorials to help get you started and familiar with the GUI. I found this extremely helpful to acclimate to the platform and quickly figure out my way around and how to complete tasks needed. I spun up a Win 2012 Server in less than a minute. I had a little issue connecting via RDP. First, remember to set your UN and PW on the VM, then if you use your native RDP, be sure to go thru the ‘additional settings’ to remove your local domain from the username…you have to log in using plain username and PW set for you. Once logged in, you’ve got a full on VM ready to play with! The Google Dev Console offers plenty of information including all your recent activity, billing info, and info on all of your VMs. Pricing so far seems to be comparable to other platforms I’ve looked into in that you only pay for what you use. However Google claims they are 40% cheaper as they bill per-minute (10 minute minimum though), and others make you pay for a full hour, even if you only run your instance for a few minutes. Here’s a great resource for the VM pricing: For a small shop with limited local resources, Google’s Cloud VM services could be a great sandbox or testing solution without needing to maintain a test server in your environment or taking the risk compromising your local productions servers. All in all, I’m pretty impressed with the service thus far. #Spiceworks



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We use a data center at Tech Keys to host our needs in their cloud. We are a large healthcare facility with need of sharing data among our different facilities. The public cloud works for us since it’s hosting by a MSP we trust. Good pricing and great support. We rely on fast synchronization and technologies to be working and readily available (visualization, Exchange, Applications, etc.). We’ve had a couple issues in the past with data as well as need for recovery in the past. How amazing and efficient the process was to recover. #SpicySith


365 Data Centers

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AT&T Business

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Alibaba Cloud

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BCN Telecom

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Birch Communications for Business

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C Spire Business

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Consolidated Communications

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Evolve IP

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Green Cloud

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IBM Cloud

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INAP formerly Internap

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Logix Communications

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Lumen Technologies formerly CenturyLink

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