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Dropbox for Business

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We've been using Dropbox for business for a couple years and love this service for our 8 users. It has allowed all of our employees to share files and access their files from any computer in the office or from home... easily. It also gives an extra benefit of an off-site file back-up. I think the reason I like it the most, however, is that we can still use the file folders and documents on our computers and we are not working with an online file folder or doc. That makes it WAY faster to open up a file, save it, etc. My only complaint is that we do have some quirky "conflicted copy" issues at times.


Amazon Web Services

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I'm loving Amazon S3. It's a huge help to be able to upload any type of document - PDF, Word, Excel, and even JPG's - and be able to link them on our site and in our emails. The one thing I haven't figured out how to do on Amazon S3 yet (which is why I'm only giving it 4.5 stars) is easily moving files from one folder to another. It would be a big help in terms of organization to not have to delete it, reupload it and then relink it. Hope this helps!



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Being K-12 education, we got GAfE for free. We use Google Drive for all our high school students. They use chromebooks, and our Google Apps for Education subscription (if you can call it that) gives them unlimited storage. Even our staff have unlimited storage. It's a great cloud file storage product! #spiceworks



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We use Sharefile to securely move files / pictures from smartphones to the backend datacenter. This has helped our admissions staff productivity greatly and gets the information to the people that need it almost immediately. Many of our VPs also use Sharefile for sharing large files with external sources securely. It's a great platform for enterprises to use with excellent security built in. #spiceworks



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I use onedrive for business for 6 months and using azure for cloud storage. since they brought cheap price to beat amazon aws and google, i wanted to try azure and since i started testing azure, i felt it is only logical to use MSFT product. So far I love it. it has sophisticated tools that integrates well with AD and coonects to other servers in azure. they had a downtime for 50 minutes once but apart from that, i am happy.#spiceworks



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This provider is probably one of my favorites. It makes it easy for users to really feel like their laptop or mobile device is just like their desktop at work. The folder structure is kept the same no matter what device you are using. So when a user sits at their desk, then opens up their laptop at home, they see the same thing. Document folders sync together as if they were the same documents folder. Even pictures! #spiceworks



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We are currently using Efolder with Veeam as BDR and it works like a charm. The initial configuration was bit troublesome but apart from that there isn't any learning curve for this solution. Customer support is really good and response time is impressing. i highly recommend this to anyone who need an SMB solution. #spiceworks



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I've recently added iDrive's file sharing to my list of Cloud File Storage applications I use. They provide a good amount of space, the client software works on multiple platforms and seems stable so far. It's a nice bonus added on to their Cloud Backup services. #spiceworks



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if you are looking to build your own personal box/dropbox style file server , this is your solution. Great price and whole lot of features. Sync is very reliable. No complaints whatsoever. currently we are hosting it in aws and cant be any better. #spiceworks



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In the mist of all the online "cloud" services we stumbled upon ownCloud in our search for free'ness from third parties and paid online storage. We thought, why not build our own private cloud that WE have control over, completely, and have essentially, unlimited amount of storage! OwnCloud was it. We built a custom PC with Linux Ubuntu 14.04LTS as an OS for the machine and ownCloud as the free service for our cloud needs. This service allows unlimited amount of users, from clients to employees. File sharing with clients is a breeze and under password protection. Files can be sent as a link with an expiration date as well. Theres even a client side driver to make file sharing and collaboration a breeze. Simply drag and drop files from within windows file explorer, all items are instantly sync'd. I would recommend this to any business who wants to host and manage all their files, especially the sensitive ones. #spiceworks



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Consolidated Communications

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PanTerra Networks

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Peer 1 Hosting

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