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SteelDome delivers innovative, unique purpose-built technology that resolves infrastructure And complexities for data protection and data storage solutions. SteelDome is transforming how companies protect, store, and restore their data through cost-efficient, always-accessible, cloud-backed technology. SteelDome meets businesses’ demands for simple, secure, and cloud-native data protection services.

We are disrupting traditional thinking about data protection and storage—and how it’s done. Traditionally, when people think of data storage and protection they think of hardware. SteelDome is shifting the paradigm by eliminating the need for costly infrastructure—replacing it with unique software backed by the cloud. We offer fully secure cloud provider storage (public, private, or hybrid) in a subscription model, coupled with fully managed data protection technology and service—all backed by our access to global cloud providers.

The InfiniVault Data Protection product is a fully managed, highly secure, software based, cloud-backed solution specially designed for ease of use and rapid provisioning.

StratiSTOR is a secure, massively scalable software defined storage cluster which delivers enterprise class storage services, reliability, and performance for today’s most demanding environments. It replaces the need to deploy traditional off-the-shelf storage platforms, avoiding all of the challenges and complexities of these types of legacy technologies.

We Are Truly Unique in the IT Marketplace—and The Datasphere. Our competitive advantages as a software-based, cloud-backed solution provide significant value for customers. SteelDome solves market restraints, simplifies the challenges of intersecting data protection and data storage environments. We offer fully cybersecurity cloud storage and data protection in an easy-to-use cost-effective subscription model with access to global cloud providers, superior data access, distribution, recovery and storage capabilities.

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