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What started as a question and evolved into a business objective. COEO is a service company built on a technology foundation—a SIP and MPLS core built from the ground up. We are the brainchild of experienced telecom experts who saw a significant gap in the market—a divide created by industry leaders more concerned with higher profit margins than client’s needs.

By bridging business connectivity and customer service, we fill this void for customers who have become frustrated with the lack of support they get from their legacy carrier. We've countered those negative telecom trends by developing trust through our passionate people who are committed to the service and support of top-notch technology for our customers and partners alike.

And we do so without the burdens of a legacy network infrastructure and outdated systems and processes. Our platform delivers MPLS and SIP trunking to your enterprise so you can concentrate on your business. Let us manage your network.

Let’s face it. Carrier services are just that...carrier services. They use the same equipment, run on the same network, and deliver the same services. So why are we different?

We want to hear from you. We want to listen to you. And we want to offer the services you need—not just today, but also years down the road.

COEO Solutions gives you the ability to collaborate,  communicate, and connect while providing passionate support and superior customer service.

Coeo Solutions, LLC products include Analog Lines, Business Phone Systems, SIP Trunks, Fiber Internet, MPLS WAN, SD-WAN for your business needs

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