Additional Guidelines

Review Guidelines

A good review is detailed (intelligent), and honest. Give your fellow IT colleagues a glimpse into your past or current set up, (i.e. non-identifying but valuable info to give perspective, such as number of users, locations, business type, etc.), and elaborate on how the technology and provider you chose made a difference (for better or worse). You know how much you love details, so don't hold back. Here are some ways to point you in the right direction:

  • Positivity is the Best: Positive reviews actually make the biggest impact in change because if a provider gets a lot of positive reviews, it can create massive shifts in buying behavior. This public flood of business to the do-gooder provider is the best motivator for their competitors to "up their game." However, negative experiences do happen. If you have a negative review, try to keep your review constructive, not condemning. The negative rating holds enough bit in itself, so use your actual review to explain details and tell them how it could be better next time.

  • Honesty is key. Opinions are important, but what you share must be entirely true. Be mindful to steer clear of stretching the truth or falsely portraying your experience. Your review exists to help other IT pros during their buying process and to give providers honest feedback in regards to their products and customer service. Remember that the service provider might step in and publicly ask for clarification and since we don't jump in the middle of a dispute, be prepared to stand-behind your recounting of the facts.

  • First hand only. We want to hear about your experience. So any opinions, generalizations or experiences you may have heard second hand should not be included. Share as many details as you'd like, as long as it describes what you experienced first hand.

  • Keep us updated. Have something to add to a past review? If it is a brand new experience or interaction, we want to know about it! Rather than rewriting a whole new review, simply edit your existing one.

User Profile Guidelines

We don't recommend revealing your real name or company name (to avoid salespeople chasing you down or your company getting touchy). But when it comes to non-identifying information that you share about your role, responsibility, city, tenure, certifications, etc - the more the merrier. The more information you include in your user profile, the more people will trust your review. People want to read reviews from real people, with real experiences.

Messaging Guidelines

When you post a lot of great reviews, you will earn your way to a higher status that allows you to direct message other AeroCom website users. The purpose of this is to allow proven and credible users to politely ask other such users for additional information on their experiences. For instance, you might have a question on whether or not a user (who gave a positive review on a provider), is still using that provider and if they are using a specific feature you've been contemplating adding to the service? Additionally, service providers will have the ability to direct message users to offer non-sales-related "thanks" or "sorry" messages. Messaging is not a place for any form of SPAM or harassment.

Photo Guidelines

Photos and videos you post should be relevant to your review and the company's products and services (i.e. a picture of a great looking interface on their user portal, a video of you using the portal or great craftsmanship in the installation of a router mounted in your phone room, etc.). Once again, please do not post identifying information (such as your phone bill), or a picture or video of others. AeroCom has the right to remove your photo or video for any or no reason.

Provider Guidelines

Providers can get involved as well! Simply submit a request to get your page updated with your company's basic information and allow you to interact with IT buyers that are reviewing your service:

  • About This Provider: Share a little bit about your company - areas of specialty, any fun facts, etc. This is NOT a place to post promotions, talk negatively of competitors or users within AeroCom Inc. Anything along those lines will be removed immediately.

  • Public Comments: These are not to be used to launch personal attacks, advertise, or offer an incentive to change a review. As a provider, you will have the ability to publicly comment respectfully to address issues with an unhappy customer or simply give a "thank you" for a good review.

  • Don't bribe customers for reviews: Although an honest reminder to post a review is not bad, obviously refrain from offering rewards to your customers to leave a review on AeroCom's site. Such rewards can lead to not-so-honest reviews and our goal is to be a trustworthy source that IT professionals can turn to for accurate information during the buying process.