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Coro was built on the principle of non-disruptive security: holistic security protection, with unrivaled ease of use, and unmatched affordability.

Coro only surfaces the issues that require human expertise. This means Coro acts like a productivity solution for security - it’s easy to install and operate, and enables IT to quickly configure what is and isn’t critical to your business security.

Holistic Security Protection Redefined

We built our technology with the critical and comprehensive protection today’s businesses need. We have one powerful engine, fueled by artificial intelligence (AI) at the core, to automatically identify and remediate most known cyber threats and vulnerabilities. Across all endpoints, users, data, and your cloud applications.

An engine so smart that it continuously learns from the many unintentional errors people make as they forge ahead in their daily pursuit of excellence and innovation, the intentional attacks from grumpy employees set to do harm, or savvy hackers who find growing businesses an easy prey.

Unrivaled Ease of Use

Coro set out to find and fix the many security holes that today's distributed businesses face, without your IT teams having to worry, investigate, or fix themselves.

Coro automates the remediation and puts an end to the endless false alerts, 2 am panic calls or wasted hours tracing compromised files, infected systems or endpoint devices. For those issues that still require human intervention, we set out to make it so easy - most critical issues on the Coro platform can be solved with a click.

Coro takes the complexity out of cyber security, enabling your administrators to manage your company’s security without disrupting company operations, user productivity, or consuming valuable IT time.

Unmatched Affordability

We also set out to beat the standard for affordability because if you can't buy it, you can't be resilient. We built our all-in-one engine to not only be so smart, but also so nimble so we can make our pricing plans the most affordable.

Finally, a Different Approach to Security

Coro minimizes costs and IT team overhead and disruption to your company’s operations by maximizing intelligent automation with cutting-edge technology.

Our approach isn’t about profit through complexity - the way the industry has approached security for decades - it’s about intelligent automation to free IT teams to focus on enabling their businesses. That’s why Coro is constantly investing in our technology to stay ahead of attackers and to protect your company from human factors such as mistakes and inside threats.

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