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XO Communications

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I am rating: XO PRI We have been with XO for about 3 years now and have had very few issues. I would recommend it to anyone considering using this product. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Comcast Business

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We had been using one of the large national re-sellers of PRI service and had decided to cost shop our service. We looked at a few different providers, major national sellers, our last mile provider, and finally heard Comcast was running PRI in our area. We made the change over to Comcast mostly based on price. The price for our two PRI lines was almost half the cost of our previous system. The service has been very stable after 3 years we have had one outage, caused by my only major complaint with them. The hardware, it's not enterprise ready, there is no redundancy, there is only one power supply on the PRI modem. #spiceworks


AT&T Business

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We have a few support locations utilizing AT&T, we have had no issues with availability or with support response times. We shuffled a few contracts from TW to AT&T due to their higher reliability and cost.


Level 3 Communications

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We originally where TW Telecom customers that went to Level 3 with the merger. We had been with TW Telecom for many years and service was very good. Occasionally we would have issues and sometimes that could be very difficult to troubleshoot mainly because of the finger pointing game. Pricing was very high and their argument was that the pricing was for a higher level of support service, but I never felt that we got that higher level of support. We moved to a new provider and I feel that we now have better support and the price is half what Level 3 wanted. On a good note our service representative was very good and I enjoyed working with him (unfortunately he's no longer there). In short, they do have good service and support okay, but it's just not worth the price they charge from what I've seen. #spiceworks


Lumen Technologies formerly CenturyLink

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We've had our data PRIs for our facilities with CenturyLink for several years now. I'd say uptime is pretty close to 99%. The only unplanned outages were due to some major construction in the area and service was restored in under an hour.



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Although I'm not tasked with voice (I should be), I was instrumental in my company choosing Sonic. It was really a no-brainer as we were previously an AT&T POTS customer. Switching to Sonic's PRI has saved us thousands on our monthly phone bill with no change in quality, and I'm sure less headaches when it's time to call for support. I'm not all sure on the #'s, but I know we have multiple incoming lines (6 to 8), about 200 extensions, and an old Avaya Merlin PBX. Next on the agenda is to have voice brought under my purview. I'm the one and only IT staff member. #spiceworks


TPx Communications formerly TelePacific

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We migrated telecom services to Tele-Pacific in 2012. Moving away from the longtime incumbent seemed like a daunting task at the time, however, Tele-Pacific’s team made the transition seamless and everything went as planned. T-Pac took the time to understand our company culture, business processes and practices. The T-Pac team along with Aercom, offered a level of knowledge that exceeded our expectations and provided a boutique like feel with their attention to details from start to finish. They were able to tailor a solution that fit our business needs which ultimately helped us save tens of thousands of dollars for our call center. T-Pac’s billing system is easy to understand, easy to read and matches exactly what’s outlined on the contract. Opening a trouble ticket is very easy and straight forward. Voice calls are clear and we’ve had a lot less “administrative” troubles since moving to T-Pac.


Time Warner Cable Business Class

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The corporation we support bought a local that already had service agreement with TW. While the service was decent, cost drove them to getting service with AT&T in the area before the TW contract expired.


ACC Business

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Accel Networks

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Access One

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Access Point

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Altice Business (formerly Lightpath, Suddentlink)

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Atlantic Broadband Business

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BCN Telecom

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Birch Communications for Business

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Broadview Networks

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BullsEye Telecom

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CCI Network Services

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Call One, Inc.

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Centracom Business

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China Unicom

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Coeo Solutions

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Consolidated Communications

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