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Time Warner Cable Business Class

17 Reviews

We have had a positive experience with Time Warner's internet. We rarely experience outages. However, we do experience some throttling which is extremely frustrating for our remote users. Other than the occasional throttling, we do not have many complaints.


Comcast Business

12 Reviews

One of the few choices we have where we are in Mt. View CA and the best bang for the buck. Our node is overloaded so we do run into issues at times but for the most part the service is pretty stable. IF you have issues it can be a challenge to get someone on the phone to take care of it but all in all it is the best option for us in terms of speed per dollar. I would NOT advise using them to carry VOIP traffic however, we had way too many issues with choppy calls, drops etc due to the low MOS scores we were getting. Again, for internet traffic at a reasonable price it is an OK offering. #spiceworks


Cox Business

8 Reviews

Its OK. Compared to the verizon fios service at our other location. Service uptime is consistent however the speeds are considerably slower than fios, but thats a known fact. All in all, not bad if you dont have any other options. #spiceworks


Spectrum Business / Charter Business

7 Reviews

You have to know how to handle them, but ever since I started using Charter for my cable internet, I've been pretty happy. The product itself has been very stable for me. The one winter when I was having issues, I called and within minutes they had determined a line issue and dispatched a tech to check out our street. No issues since then. I haven't had to call support recently, but they've always been pretty friendly and genuinely seem to want to help.


Bright House Networks

4 Reviews

I support a small office in Orlando remotely and have set them up with Brighthouse. In the instance of an outage or issue, we have also configured a secondary ISP as a fail over. To date, we have have very few issues and had great uptime. We get the speeds we pay for and has been a decent experience working with them. There are about 15total users who need access here, but come in at different shifts. No speed fluctuation or dropped packets as more users connect. Good service. #spicywan


Suddenlink Communications

3 Reviews

Of all the Internet Service Providers I have worked with in the last ~20 years, Suddenlink has been the absolute worse by far. ---Consistently high latency on the line. ---Frequent outages and unscheduled maintenance. ---Technicians immediately blame any issue on customer equipment or "leaving your WiFi open". ---And public contact or complaint about the service is met with the same canned responses and in some cases even veiled threats to cease discussion. ---Numerous price hikes and fees, often with no explanation. I have yet to meet a customer that has their service for any other reason than that they have not other alternative. Even Comcast and AT&T seem to be able to manage better service. #spiceworks


Grande Communications

2 Reviews

My parents live in the area Grande services in San Antonio. Even though I'm very happy with my Time Warner stuff. I would most likely switch over to Grande Cable if it was available in the area where i live. It is somewhat local in South Texas. Their pricing is great, their customer service is AWESOME. #Spiceworks



2 Reviews

We have one satellite office that utilizes Mediacom. We have had one or two issues with the internet being unstable. First call to support, and no issues from them. They dispatched a technician to get the situation rectified within twenty four hours. The few instances I had to deal with support, it was a breeze. #Spiceworks


Optimum Business

1 Reviews

We have a few clients that utilize optimum for the primary ISP. They are like any other ISP provider, however the support is easier to work with it. Getting in touch with them also is easier than Comcast. I have less issues with up time that I can recall to this date. I would recommend them over Comcast, only because of the ease of access to support. #Spiceworks


Optimum Lightpath

1 Reviews

I have been working with them for 3 years and have had only 2 days where dependability was an issue. I think overall they are a decent provider for their cost. Internet could be a little faster, but can't complain much. #spiceworks



1 Reviews

We had them before out current provider when we moved. The internet speed and customer service was great. When there was a down time, the help desk was prompt in calling us about the outage, and resolving it in a timely way.


Access Point

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BCN Telecom

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British Telecom

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Broadview Networks

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BullsEye Telecom

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Consolidated Communications

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EarthLink Business

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GTT Communications

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Granite Telecommunications

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Nex-Tech Business

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