How it works

We've been doing this since 2003... you're in good hands.

  1. Type a product or provider name in the search bar to browse providers or read reviews.
  2. Some product categories are tricked-out with filters to help you dive deep! Some are not... we're still working on those, so check back in a couple months.
  3. If you see some good options and want to learn more, don't bother calling providers on your own. That's a waste of time and way too many pushy salespeople for you to deal with. Instead, just click "Get Quotes" and a friendly, technical, no-pressure AeroCom representative will contact you, to give you some recommendations and pricing comparisons. The pricing is guaranteed to be the lowest available with each provider, and we'll never charge you a dime!
  4. If you find something you like, AeroCom will help your company sign up directly with that service provider, making sure you receive the best pricing and best people working on your order. We do a lot of business with these companies, so trust us... they take good care of the customers AeroCom brings to them. And no, you still don't have to pay us anything. Your chosen provider will pay us a sales commission for bringing them a new customer.
  5. Don't forget to give back to the community and write a few reviews on the service providers you've experienced! Your IT brethren will appreciate it, when they are shopping those same providers.