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Hosted VoIP
  • Administrative
    • Active Directory Integration
    • Adding / Removing Users - Admin can perform manually
    • Adding Users - Customize-able Templates
    • Installation - On-Site
    • Installation - Self Install
    • Mobile App Administration
    • Support - 24x7
    • Support - based 100% in US
    • Support - based mostly in US
    • Support - Non-admins can open a ticket
    • Training - Free unlimited live training for all users
    • Training - On-Site
    • Training - Remote Live
    • Training - Remote Recorded
  • Application Integration
    • API - Open
    • Bullhorn
    • Chime
    • Connectwise
    • Custom Integrations
    • Doorbell Phone Integration
    • Glip
    • Google G Suite
    • Jabber
    • Jobdiva
    • MethodCRM
    • Micros Opera
    • Microsoft Dynamics
    • Microsoft Dynamics 365
    • Microsoft Office 365
    • Microsoft Outlook
    • Microsoft Skype for Business
    • Netsuite
    • Nexmo
    • Oracle
    • Overhead Paging System Integration
    • Quickbooks
    • Redtail Technologies
    • Salesforce
    • Sugar CRM
    • Webex
    • Zendesk
  • Features
    • ACD / Call Queue
    • Auto Attendant
    • Barge-In - Announced
    • Barge-In - Whisper Mode
    • Barge-In via IM
    • Call Flip
    • Call Pickup
    • Call Recording
    • Call Reporting (non-real-time)
    • Call Reporting (real-time)
    • Chat Plugin (to integrate on your website)
    • Click-to-Dial Any Number
    • Conferencing - Audio
    • Conferencing - Video
    • Conferencing - Web
    • Contact (Call) Center - Multi-Channel Queuing
    • Contact (Call) Center - Not integrated with main phone system
    • Contact (Call) Center - Outbound Dialer Integration
    • Contact (Call) Center - Standard and Contact Center on Same Platform
    • Contact (Call) Center Features
    • CRM Included
    • DR - Customize forwarding per DID
    • DR - Static - All users fwd to same #
    • Fax - Virtual
    • Fax Machine Integration
    • Find-me-follow-me
    • Geofencing
    • Hoteling / Hot Desking
    • Hunt Group / Call Group
    • Instant Messaging (IM)
    • Instant Messaging (IM) - Group
    • International DID - Can issue new
    • International DID - Can port existing numbers
    • IVR
    • Line Appearances - 2+
    • Listen-In / Monitor
    • Mobile App
    • Paging - Group
    • Presence
    • Project Mgt / Team Collab. Software Incl.
    • Simultaneous Ring
    • SMS/Text Messaging
    • Softphone
    • Video Calling (within organization)
    • Voicemail
    • Voicemail to Email
    • Voicemail Transcription
    • Voicemail-Only Seats
    • Whisper Mode
  • Hardware
    • Analog Adapters available
    • Manufacturer - Cisco w/ SCCP Protocol
    • Manufacturer - Cisco w/ SIP Protocol
    • Manufacturer - Polycom
    • Manufacturer - Yealink
    • Phone - BYO Phones (if the make/model is supported)
    • Phone Lease-to-own
    • Phone Purchase
    • Phone Rental
    • Switch Included
  • Network
    • Architecture: Cloud / Hosted
    • Architecture: Interconnect with an existing on-prem phone system
    • Architecture: On-Prem
    • BYO-Bandwidth
    • Data Center - Asia
    • Data Center - Canada
    • Data Center - Europe
    • Data Center - UK
    • Data Center - USA - East Coast
    • Data Center - USA - Midwest
    • Data Center - USA - West Coast
    • Private / Dedicated Circuit
    • SD-WAN
  • Platform
    • Asterisk
    • Broadsoft
    • Cisco Call Manager
    • Metaswitch
    • Mitel Connect
    • Netsapiens
    • Proprietary
    • Shoretel
    • Skype for Business
    • Zultsys
  • Pricing Structure
    • Allow Mix-n-Match User Types
    • Call Paths Bundled with User License
    • Call Paths Unbundled from User License
    • Calling Plans - Minute Bundles
    • Calling Plans - Per Minute
    • Calling Plans - Unlimited US
    • Extension-only seats without DID
    • Term - MTM Available


17 Reviews

The best VOIP service i had ever used. I never had any issues with them especially on down time. my users are very happy that we moved to ringcentral , especially marketers who travels around europe who can get calls in their phone app or in lapop. management cant be any easier. I can manage users within a finger tip and settings are very easy ans simple. Highly recommend it. #spiceworks.


Vonage Business

13 Reviews

Used this a few years back. The service was great when i used it. The call quality was great pricing was lower then standard phone services. It did however not offer text and video capabilities as some VOIP services do. #Spiceworks



8 Reviews

i have used this for sometime. I would highly suggest going with Jive. While other vendors may offer comparable VoIP service, no one can beat the great support Jive offers.A few small glitches on operating the phone right at the beginning, but Jive has been very helpful in helping us get the kinks worked out #spiceworks



7 Reviews

8x8 is a good value for cost.. The people there are friendly but the support hours are limited. They are a San Jose based and the support closes at 5pm. That's the only thing you should consider before doing business with them that we tough for us...



6 Reviews

I have used Digium switchbox for years and it is a great product. Their email and phone support is very helpful when you need help. we used polycom 335 with their system and they helped us to configure it too. i heard very bad reviews about them but in my personal experience , they were at its best. the plus point is users can setup their own call rules to send incoming calls to cell phones, which our school executives love. #spiceworks



4 Reviews

Great platform. All in one so there is less hardware than older Inter-tel systems. Just upgraded our old NEC system to Mitel 3300 the upgrade was one of the smoothest I have ever had. From the hardware side of things, we haven't had really any problems with the 3300 system. System seems solid took off a star for the web interface seems clunky, and not user friendly but when I learn more may be better. #spiceworks


ShoreTel Sky

3 Reviews

Our company currently uses ShoreTel for our VoIP services. We've been very happy with the clear quality of our calls. The software is easy to configure and use, and we have not had any issues with the equipment so far. I highly recommend this service. #spiceworks



2 Reviews

Five9 is more of an enterprise level Callcentre software - used by call centers around the world to manage inbound, outbound. It can connect to CRM of your network and you can see all the lead information on your screen including past notes, and all relevant information. when it comes to installation, we had issues with Java for a long time and still is it an issue they haven't resolved. #spiceworks



2 Reviews

Our office switched to Intermedia VOIP about a year ago. It has been pretty reliable. There has been only one outage for about 10 mins. And the control panel was down for a day, but it was not service affecting. #spiceworks



2 Reviews

My prior employer used NexVortex through a local re-seller in our area. We got a quote, I filled out the spreadsheet with user details, management signed the PO and we were in the cloud. We experienced a little bit of difficulty with billing, and had the occasional call issues. We had trouble with external outbound calls. They suspected the issue with our cable line, but we did the run again and is still was an issue. It cleared up after another call to support. Something fluke went wrong on their end, but all was well soon enough. Good service and good price compared to other options at the time. Our network supported a small number of users. #SpicySith


PanTerra Networks

2 Reviews

We chose PanTerra Networks due to the fact that they had a comprehensive solution for our growing ministry here in Texas. We could not find a cloud provider that would come onsite and install all of our equipment and configure it which is one of the main reasons we chose PanTerra. We have 20 employees and another location in Canada and with PanTerra we are able to contact our Canada location free of charge. The unified communications being browser based was especially helpful and allows us to chat, video, and share our desks with each other with a few clicks.


Skype for Business

2 Reviews

I have tested this for our physical pbx replacement but i was not happy about the it turned out. it is a great tool as a conference call replacement but skype is not really easily manageable to route within offices and initial configuration didn't setup successfully. The customer service is not very helpful either. They were routing though different timezone to clear my query. not using it again. #spiceworks


Comcast Business

1 Reviews

Analog Lines (POTS) 02/29/16 We migrated our office from ATT POTS to Comcast internal VoIP. We worked with Comcast to change the primary account phone line, drop out extra lines, and allow release of our main number to our new provider. The sales people are pushy and the installation people are OK. They do not communicate well and then when we had billing problems due to a delayed installation they seemed confused about the actual start and billing dates. There were several problems; from working with un-knowledgeable people, to releasing the number at the scheduled time. We had 48 hour downtime. Other than these incidents, our service once installed is pretty solid. Additional support calls have gone well.



1 Reviews

Good pricing, service works well. We have been with Megapath since they purchased Speakeasy Voice (who we signed up with). It may take some time to get everything configured the way you want but once you do the hosted VOIP service is great. The ability to have my phone at home ring as if it were just another extension in the office is nice and the help you can get setting things up is also a plus. Pricing is attractive as well and the whole system makes life simpler for IT in general #spiceworks


Time Warner Cable Business Class

1 Reviews

As opposed to the Data service their VOIP service desires to be better. It is "on and off" kind of unreliable. They do try to get it working as well as they can. They issue used/recycled equipment and i think this has a lot to do with the unreliability of the service. #Spiceworks



1 Reviews

We've been using Dash from VirtualPBX for about 4 months now. It's great. It has all the features we wanted. We have 6 lines. We use YeaLink handsets with the service and we have great call quality. We switched to the Dash offering because it allows for simultaneous ring. Now any available rep can pick up an incoming call. I worked with support when setting up the Dash service and they were very friendly and knowledgeable.



0 Reviews



AT&T Business

0 Reviews



Access One

0 Reviews



Access Point

0 Reviews




0 Reviews




0 Reviews



Altice Business (formerly Lightpath, Suddentlink)

0 Reviews




0 Reviews




0 Reviews




0 Reviews




0 Reviews



BCN Telecom

0 Reviews



Birch Communications for Business

0 Reviews



Bright House Networks

0 Reviews


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