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May 18, 2015 Aerocominc

Did you know that you can get an incredible hosted contact center solution without having to change your phone system… or telecom provider? Neither did I – until yesterday.

The Old Technology

It started last week when our Client Development Executive, Josh, and I were down in the dumps that one of our good customers was being forced to dump their phone system, telecom provider and ISP because their parent company was forcing them to do so. This client really wanted a contact center phone system but they were now being forced back into bare bones telecom. We told the client that unfortunately, there wasn’t anything we could do to give that old phone system the functionality they needed.rp_hosted-pbx-300x200.jpg

Then, yesterday, Josh called me with great news.

“Mike… I found a provider that can do a hosted contact center, using a company’s existing phone system. It’s in the cloud, it has all of the bells and whistles and the company doesn’t need to touch their existing system or their telecom provider.”

Living in an industry that changes as much as telecom and cloud, there are moments that new information comes to me and makes me feel like a fool. This was one of those moments.

Huh? How did I miss this? How long has this company been around?

“Josh, can you please send me all of the information this new provider gave you?” I asked.

Fast forward to today. I’ve read up on the solution, had a conversation with their company and attended a live demo. More importantly, I can vouch that it’s legit. The good news is that although this isn’t a one-month-old product, it’s still fairly new and I am not a total failure for not knowing about it.

The Solution

The contact center solution itself is top-of-the-line and includes all of the most desirable features, such as:

• Four nines (99.99%), reliability with Active/Active replication between two, geographically diverse data centers.
• Multi-Channel Integration in Single Agent Interface: Voice, Chat, Email, Text, Twitter & Facebook
• Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
• Robust and User-Friendly, Real-Time and Historical Call Reporting
• Drag & Drop Contact Center & IVR Configuration Changes
• Integration with Major 3rd Party Software such as SalesForce, Microsoft Dynamics, Sugar, Zoho, Saleslogix and Zendesk.
• Can be layered on top of any existing telecom carrier and phone system, so that it exclusively serves your contact center. You only pay a per user fee for each contact center agent and the features they need.

How it Works in the Cloud

How is does a cloud-based call center application control and monitor calls when your phone system and phone lines are with on-site?

Incoming Calls123
Your incoming calls are pointed to their cloud data center and then instantaneously transferred to your call center agents, whether on-site or remote. In essence, a 3-way call is initiated by the cloud contact center but it’s transparent to both the caller and the agent.

Outgoing Calls
To make an outgoing call, you can enter the phone numbe1234r into your dashboard or click-to-dial a phone number in your own CRM and your phone will ring. When you pick up the phone, you’ll hear ringing (i.e. because your outbound call is now happening). The cloud contact center is initiating a 3-way call by first calling you, then the party you are calling.

If you need outbound calls automatically initiated and distributed to agents, that can be done the same way minus the agent initiating the call.


1. Get a state-of-the-art contact center without making any changes to your telecom carrier or your current phone system.
2. You don’t have to do the impossible and find a phone system that is “best of both worlds” for your administrative staff and your contact center. You simply find the best phone system for your administrative needs, then layer the contact center application on top.

So there you have it.
If you have a contact center, your rules have now been re-written. You are no longer tied down.

Interested in seeing a demo on this provider and getting some pricing? Click Below.


About the Authormikesmith
Mike Smith is the Founder and President of AeroCom and has been helping companies with telecom and cloud services since 1999. He has been the recipient of numerous business telecommunications industry awards and in 2011, he was honored as one of the top 40 business people in Orange County, CA., under 40 years old. Follow Mike on LinkedInTwitter or SpiceWorks.

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