The best business phone systems: Training

AeroCom’s President, Mike Smith, continues his series on the Best Business Phone Systems. In this video, he explains what to look for, in regards to the types of phone system training offered by the Hosted PBX service providers you research. Don’t call hosted PBX vendors

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Buy the Phone System or go Hosted? Here is what I do.

Your company is in the market for a new phone system, and you aren’t sure whether your company should buy the system or go with a Hosted VoIP solution. As a both a telecom broker and business owner for many

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SD-WAN Providers’ Secret Weapon

Hey IT Buyers! Do you currently have a back-up Internet connection at any of your company’s sites? Smart. But what is it being used for, as we speak? I’m assuming your answer is “nothing” or at best, a DMZ for

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So you are contemplating replacing your MPLS network with an SD-WAN network. But you’re wondering, “What’s the difference?” Well, as I explained in a previous blog, SD-WAN can bring a ton of benefits, like increased network speed, more link uptime,

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Six Benefits of SD-WAN

You’re an IT manager for a company with multiple locations. Your MPLS WAN contract is coming up and you’re thinking… “Do we still need MPLS? Should we just go big bandwidth at all sites and run an IP-Sec VPN? Should

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Top 5 Reasons IT Digs 0365 [Infographic]

Millions of IT Professionals have dumped their in-house Exchange servers and gone with Office 365. This infographic explains the top 5 reasons why. Have an AeroCom expert help you shop all available O365 solutions. Click below. MY TOP 3

The Best Business SIP Voice Providers

“SIP is SIP, right? If we are quoting SIP for our company’s voice, what feature differences can there be between providers?” During the month of December, (in between my Amazon shopping sessions), I set out to answer this question for

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MIKE SMITH’S BRAIN EPISODE 33: 4 SIP Providers You Need to Know

For the beginning of the New Year I’m going to discuss some SIP Dial Tone / Voice Access related products. In this video I highlight four unique providers that stood out to me, hoping they are what you or your

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DRaaS for Physical Servers

Are you kicking the tires on Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) but your server environment includes more than just Virtual Machines (VM’s)? Do physical servers need to be included in your DRaaS solution? In November, I spent a lot

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Non-VMware DRaaS Providers

So you are looking into Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) but one or more of your virtual machines are running something other than VMware (i.e. Hyper-V, AWS, etc.). In November, I spent hours calling almost all of the DRaaS

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