Microsoft Teams Phone System: Direct Routing

Your company is researching using Microsoft Teams Phone System for your PBX. As your doing your researching, in addition to the terms like “Calling Plan” and “Conferencing,” you also see the term “Direct Routing” mentioned. What does that mean? In

The Best Business VoIP Phone Systems: Microsoft Teams Integration

Your company is researching new phone systems… how should Microsoft Teams (or Skype for Business), factor into your decision? Does your company want to use Teams for all Unified Communications (UCaaS), or are you open to using both Teams, plus

Microsoft Teams Phone System: Calling Plan

If your company wants to use Microsoft Teams for your phone system, you’re going to have to purchase a calling plan… The calling plan will be approximately $12/month, on top of your company’s Office 365 E3 or E5 license. But

The Best Business VoIP Phone Systems: Outlook Calendar Integration

One of your colleagues (at your company), notices your “user status” (on your hosted phone system’s soft phone application), shows “available.” (with a little green dot next to it). So, they try to instant message you… but there is no response. You

Cloud Contact Center Providers with Seasonal Scalability

Contact and call centers are often seasonal. Your company need dozens (or hundreds), of agents and phone lines during your busy season, and only 10 agents and 5 phone lines, during the off-season. In this short video, AeroCom’s President, Mike

Microsoft Teams Phone System: Which License?

Your company is considering replacing your phone system with Microsoft Teams Phone System. So, which Office 365 license does your company need? E3? E5? Is that all you need? In this video, AeroCom President, Mike Smith, tells you which license

Cloud Contact Center Solutions: Phone System Agnostic

Your company needs a better contact center solution, but your phone system still has a lot of life left. Can your organization implement a new contact center solution, over the top of your existing phone system? Search Cloud Contact Center

The Best Business Phone System: Adding Users

Your company has a lot of employees, who are continually being hired and fired. If that’s the case, you need to make sure your hosted business phone system allows you to manually add or remove users, on-demand. The last thing

Call Center vs Contact Center

Does your company need a call center solution or a contact center solution. What’s the difference between the two solutions? AeroCom’s President, Mike Smith, explains what you need to know. CLICK HERE to search contact center solutions, with omni-channel queuing

The Best SD-WAN Vendors: Cloud Session Reassignment

Your company has hosted VoIP, and two diverse Internet connections (primary and backup). But what happens to that important phone call if the primary ISP connection starts receiving errors… or drops? The important call drops… Unless you have one of