Cloud Call Center Software: 3 Common Mistakes

If your company is replacing your call center software, there are a lot of pitfalls you need to be aware of. In this video, Mike Smith talks about 3 common mistakes companies make when evaluating a new cloud call center

Microsoft Teams Phone System Pricing: September 2020

If your company is exploring the idea of using Microsoft Teams Phone System for your PBX, you’re probably wondering how much (exactly), it will cost. Does E5 cover it? What if we don’t want E5? What’s the Business Voice bundle?

Hosted PBX Services with a Great Mobile Application

One of the great features of a hosted PBX service is the fact every employee can have a mobile app, for your company’s phone system. If a cloud pbx provider shows you a demo of their mobile app, it will

Cloud Contact Center Software with Salesforce Integration

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Your company has a lot of employees but they aren’t making a ton of calls. Is Hosted PBX still a good fit? Isn’t it pretty expensive, since you have to pay a monthly fee for every phone system extension? AeroCom

Cloud Contact Center Software Comparison

This isn’t your daddy’s old call center software! In this short video, Mike Smith explains why your IT department has to send the calendar invite (to demo new cloud contact center vendors), to your Marketing and Operations departments. Your call

Microsoft Teams Phone System with Call Center or Contact Center

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Cloud Contact Center Software with Analytics

What if, at any moment in time, through your company’s cloud contact center software, you could have a snapshot of the percentage of your customers that are happy, indifferent, and angry, when they’re interacting with your company on the phone,

Microsoft Teams Phone System: Native vs. Integration

Your company is researching a new PBX, and Microsoft Teams seems like a good option to explore, right? There are a lot of hosted PBX service providers offering a “Teams Integration.” But what does that entail? In this video, Mike