Microsoft Teams PBX Integration

Wondering if your company can use Teams for calling, with your existing phone system? You can’t technically integrate Teams calling with your phone system, but you can run it parallel, using the same phone lines (SIP Trunks, PRI, etc.). In

Hosted VoIP vs. On-Premise

Should our company purchase a hosted phone system or an on-prem phone system? If you’re asking this question, you are not alone. The list of hosted PBX vendors is growing rapidly and this technology is obviously on the rise… But

Cloud Contact Center Providers

Your company is in the market for a new contact center software solution, for your call center. Through your research, you’ve noticed that a cloud contact center solution is probably the best option. But there are hundreds of potential providers!

Microsoft Teams Phone System Features

Your company is shopping for a new phone system, and Microsoft Teams PBX is an option you’re considering. What features does it offer? What features does it lack? In this short video, AeroCom President, Mike Smith, reviews the basic features

Business VoIP Providers

Which business VoIP providers are the best? Why? Well, it depends your company’s requirements. There are hundreds of hosted PBX vendors and each has their own niche, so the devil is in the details. In this video, AeroCom President, Mike

Business Phone Systems with Call Center

Your company’s phone system is end-of-life, but it also has call center software that’s tied to it. As you look into hosted PBX solutions, does your company need a system that includes a built-in call center component? And why do

Business VoIP Cost per User

Your company’s phone system is end-of-life, and you’re shopping for a new one. You’ve done some research and it seems like business VoIP (aka Hosted PBX), might be the way to go, but how much does it cost per user?

Microsoft Teams Phones

Microsoft Teams Phone System is growing in popularity, and you might be researching whether or not it is a fit to replace your company’s current PBX. But what types of phones (i.e. handsets), can you use with it? In this

Is VoIP Reliable for Business? SD-WAN

Your company is researching hosted VoIP solutions to replace your on-prem PBX, but you’re concerned about call quality. How will the public Internet be as reliable as your current PRI? The answer is your company will be fine, if you

The Best Business VoIP Phone Systems: Call Park vs. Call Pickup

Your company is researching phone systems, and one feature you know you need is Call Pickup. Or… is it called Call Park? What’s the difference? Well, there is a difference and it’s a big deal, because not all hosted PBX