Microsoft Teams Phone System with Call Center or Contact Center

Your company needs to replace their PBX and you’re thinking Microsoft Teams Phone System might be a good option. But what about your call center? Does Teams offer call center software? Mike Smith explains the best way to purchase Microsoft

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Microsoft Teams Phone System: Which License?

Your company is considering replacing your phone system with Microsoft Teams Phone System. So, which Office 365 license does your company need? E3? E5? Is that all you need? In this video, AeroCom President, Mike Smith, tells you which license

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Cloud Therapy: EP 026 – What is Office 365 E5?

Learn whether or not Office 365’s E5 offering is going to make your company’s employees shout out of joy or frustration. CallTower’s CRO, William Rubio, joins Mike to discuss the intricate details of what E5 is and what it is

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Cloud Therapy: EP 017 – Know These Things Before Shopping Office365

Jason Cutler from Microsoft’s 2015 Partner of the Year, SADA┬áSystems, joins Mike to review the essential items IT teams need to review before making the jump to Office 365. Using Jason’s blueprint, IT professionals will be well prepared before shopping

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The Best Public Cloud Providers for Business in 2016

  So your company’s cloud vm service provider isn’t quite cutting it… and you’re wondering what all of the other IT departments are using. This blog is for you. You will learn who the highest rated business cloud providers are,

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Top 5 Reasons IT Digs 0365 [Infographic]

Millions of IT Professionals have dumped their in-house Exchange servers and gone with Office 365. This infographic explains the top 5 reasons why. Have an AeroCom expert help you shop all available O365 solutions. Click below. MY TOP 3

What do IT Professionals Dig about their Office 365 in 2016?

There is no debating that Microsoft Office 365 is a HOT service for companies of all shapes and sizes. According to the reviews on our website, Microsoft Office 365 has a 4.2 brain rating… not too shabby. But why? Lower

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Best Hosted Exchange Providers in 2016

When you hear “Hosted Exchange” who is the first provider you think of? Well, Microsoft might be the manufacturer of the software, but they are not the only distributor. If you are strictly shopping for Hosted Microsoft Exchange for your

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Skype, Helping Make the World Even Flatter

Lets face it, no one likes meetings- especially ones that you have to travel for. The cost for transportation can look disheartening notably when you transit yourself a far distance using a car or an airplane. This can cost you

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Windows 10 just got EVEN better

We are all familiar with Microsoft. This past February, Microsoft acquired a new chief executive, Satya Nadella. Since then, Microsoft is now bent on bringing relevance back. With the announcement of the upcoming Windows 10 release, many controversies and questions

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