Microsoft Teams Phone System: Direct Routing

August 9, 2019 Mike Smith

Your company is researching using Microsoft Teams Phone System for your PBX. As your doing your researching, in addition to the terms like “Calling Plan” and “Conferencing,” you also see the term “Direct Routing” mentioned. What does that mean?

In this video, AeroCom President, Mike Smith, discusses one way Direct Routing is used, to help 3rd party hosted VoIP service providers give you a Microsoft Teams Phone System, but with 24×7 live support, included at no additional cost.

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Mike Smith is the Founder and President of AeroCom and has been helping companies with telecom and cloud services since 1999. He has been the recipient of numerous business telecommunications industry awards and in 2011, he was honored as one of the top 40 business people in Orange County, CA., under 40 years old. Follow Mike on LinkedInTwitter or SpiceWorks.



Okay, so your company is looking at the option of going with Microsoft Teams Phone System for your company’s PBX.

And the one thing you might have heard of, either through one of my videos or maybe through someone else, is that you don’t have to buy it directly from Microsoft. You can actually go through a third party hosted VoIP provider, and pay them your $12 per month per user for your calling plan, and get a little bit more hands on support experience by getting Team’s Phone System through them, as opposed to going to Microsoft direct.

But you’re probably wondering how does that work?

Well the way it works is that third party hosted VoIP provider uses direct routing to connect to Microsoft, so that when you’re using your Teams through your Office 365 environment, and one of your users wants to make an outbound call, Microsoft is handing the responsibility for dial tone off to that third party hosted VoIP provider through their direct routing.

Microsoft Teams Phone System - Direct Routing

So that’s the way it works.

If you have any questions, please let me know. Or if you want information on which hosted VoIP vendors might be the best fit for offering a native Teams environment for your company, please reach out. I’d be happy to give you some recommendations. Have a great day. 877.465.3505

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