Cloud Call Center Software Pricing

January 8, 2021 Mike Smith

Your company is due for a new call center software solution.

A cloud solution is a consideration but… how much is that going to cost?

Watch Mike Smith explain the 2 main components of cloud call (contact) center software pricing. He gives you some good examples and even provides some important questions to ask.

Which cloud call center software vendors have the best pricing for your company’s requirements? Click below and ask Mike today.


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So your company is looking into a new call center solution, maybe your existing solution is end of life, or maybe your current PBX is end of life and it’s attached to your call center solutions so it’s time to get new everything. Well, how much does a cloud call center solution cost? Well now, if you haven’t heard, everybody’s calling it contact center, not call center anymore. So you’ll see a lot of stuff out there on cloud contact center. So how much does that cost? Well, it depends. Depends on what you need. So let me kind of break down some of the things, some of the different components of pricing when it comes to contact center that you want to think about and ask about.

Number one, obviously, there’s a per user license per month. So every month you’re going to pay a per month license fee for every call center agent that you have. So that license fee is going to be based on standard features versus advanced features, call recording and how much storage you need. It’s going to depend on, do you want just to manage calls or do you want omni-channel where you’re including chat into your queues or maybe emails or social media and things like that. Do you want translation? Do you want it in different languages? All those things are going to factor into your monthly cost per seat, per agent.

Cloud Call Center Software Pricing

In addition to that though, you should also think about your usage costs. So is your call center inbound only? Meaning are you just receiving calls inbound or are you guys also making outbound calls? Well, when it comes to per minute usage, cloud contact center solutions charge differently, some include all incoming calls for free, meaning that if people are calling your company on local phone numbers, not toll free but local phone numbers, all that usage is free. Just like it would be free if they called you on your phone system. Where other cloud contact center solutions charge you a lower per user fee and they charge you per minute for inbound calls to local numbers. So there’s a usage fee associated with that. So you want to make sure you’re aware of that and factor that in and ask that question.

Also, you have to factor in, are you making outbound calls to other states locally? If you do making a lot of outbound usage, there’s going to be a per minute fee there. Also toll free, you’re going to get charged a toll free per minute rate just like you always do. You’re also going to be charged per minute for making international calls. So you want to factor in the per minute fees, but I’d say out of those per minute fees, the one that kind of catches people by surprise the most is that some service providers charge for incoming calls to local phone numbers. So you really want to be aware of that and if that’s happening a lot in your call center, try to find a call center service provider that does not charge for those, and there’s definitely some out there.

Which ones are they, which ones are the best for your company, which cloud contact center solutions should you be quoting? Don’t Google it, just call me (714.593.0011), or email me & let me know what your company’s requirements are and based on that, I will match you up with a good handful of cloud contact solutions that I’d recommend you quote. As a broker for all the major cloud contact center service providers out there I know what the differences are between them, and I can get you to the right provider as fast. I can also introduce you to the right people at each of these providers to make sure you don’t end up with a schmuck on the other end of the line with the right provider.

So we can help you and the service providers pay our company our broker fee. So you don’t have to pay us at all. So no excuse not to reach out. I’m happy to help you in any way answer any questions that you have. I love talking about this stuff, as you can see. So hope that helps a little bit, have a great day, and I will catch you on the next video.

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