Is cloud call center software better than on-premises?

October 28, 2020 Mike Smith

Your company’s on-prem call center software is due for an upgrade… but should you replace it with a cloud call center software solution?

Which is better? Does cloud offer any additional features?

In this short video, Mike Smith gives 3 reasons why cloud call center software (a.k.a. cloud contact center software), is the way to go. And after 20 years selling both, he knows his stuff.

Which 3 call center vendors should your company be quoting? Click below and Ask Mike… that’s what he does best!


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Your company is looking into a new call center solution. Maybe your current call center software is end of life. Maybe your current PBX is end of life and it’s connected to your call center so it’s time to get rid of both. Well, no matter what we see this all the time. And one question that comes up a lot is, are cloud contact center solutions better than on-prem contact center solutions?

Well, absolutely. 10 years ago that might’ve been a different answer, but today in today’s environment, it is absolutely unequivocally true that cloud contact center solutions are better for your company than on-prem solutions. And it’s not just because that, oh, it offered more features or it’s more redundant. Yes, those are all true. But as we all saw in the pandemic recently, having the ability to use your call center software, not just onsite, but offsite is huge.

Is Cloud Call Center Software better than on-premises

What if you want to hire contacts that are agents from around the country? You don’t want to just be limited to your local area to hire contact center agents. But with cloud contact center software you can definitely do that. You can hire cloud contact center agents anywhere. Well, maybe you’re thinking, yeah, but how are we going to manage those folks? Well, the cool thing is with cloud contact center software, there’s so many new features out there that really improve your management’s ability to monitor and train contact center agents, that it’s really not a problem, no matter where they’re sitting.

So for instance, with things like customer sentiment. Your software will be able to detect when certain keywords are used or someone’s voice is raised or maybe a competitor’s name is used, and automatically send that call recording to a manager within your organization so they can hear right away and find training opportunities. So your manager doesn’t have to be standing behind your call center agents anymore. They can actually get emailed all the pertinent information right away.

So overall, cloud contact center solutions are definitely a lot more flexible. They allow you to hire people from all around the world to staff your contact center. They allow your management team to manage and train efficiently no matter where they’re sitting compared to your contact center agents. And just overall, in terms of pricing and availability features, the ability to scale up and down, it’s just an overall better solution.

So, hope that helps a little bit. If the pandemic didn’t convince you already, it’s definitely the better way to go than an on-prem system.

So if you want to know which cloud contact center solutions are the best for your company, don’t start Googling it. Just reach out to me. Shoot me an email or give me a call (714-593-0011), I’m happy to help. I’m a broker for all the major cloud contact center service providers. So I can definitely tell you which providers our customers that are similar to your business have similar needs, are happiest with, and refer them to you, and also introduce you to the best people within those companies to be working with.

And the nice thing is, is if you find something you like, those vendors will pay our company our broker fee and your company doesn’t have to pass a dime. So there’s absolutely no excuse not to use us. You don’t have to pay for it. And it helps you get to the right vendors a lot faster. I hope that helps. Have a great day and I’ll see you on the next video.


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