ITsmiths: Angela Williams, Director II, Enterprise Information Security for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

June 29, 2020 Chris Iacono

ITsmiths - Angela Williams

Imagine getting straight A’s…

Having one of the highest GPA’s in school…

Getting tons of accolades for your academics…

… and then your parents tell you “good job, but you’re not that smart. You need a more challenging school.”

That’s the kind of upbringing Angela had. Two loving parents who knew their daughter and also weren’t afraid to push her, and teach her about the real world.

Angela Williams is the Director II of Enterprise Information Security for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, and she has an inspiring story of how she combined a great upbringing and a curious mind to climb the IT ladder.

She is a transformational leader with over 25+ years of IT and Information Security experience. Over the course of Angela’s career, she has developed an exceptional business acumen within healthcare, government and the food/beverage industries. Since joining BCBSM, Angela has led the protection of the BCBSM/BCN brand. Her efforts to form, assess, improve and operate data and cyber security initiatives have been recognized in the industry. Angela has served as a trusted business advisory, aiding her constituents with operational excellence and discipline.

All this, and she never even thought about becoming an IT professional until she was in college. It’s a great story!


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