Managed Detection and Response Providers Comparison: Recording Network Activity

September 20, 2022 Mike Smith

Your company is evaluating your cybersecurity needs, and you’re thinking of procuring a Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solution. But there are a ton to choose from… how do you compare them?

In this video, Mike explains that one of the features that sets some MDR vendors apart is the ability to record all network activity.

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Your company is looking into managed detection and response, MDR, but you’re wondering how do we choose the right service provider? There’s dozens if not hundreds of them out there and they all look the same, they all look to provide a very similar type service.

Well, that’s a great question and I’m making a video series on that topic is things that you should think about to compare the service providers.

Activity Recording

One of the things you definitely should consider is recording activity. So something you want to ask an MDR service provider is does your company record all of the activity on our network or whatever they’re providing the MDR service for? So whether it’s your onsite network activity, whether it’s wide area network activity, whether it’s end user activity, the things that are coming into the SOC analyst is that information being recorded?

Managed Detection and Response Providers Comparison - Recording Activity

Why is recording important?

That’s really important. It’s kind of like an airplane’s black box. So if something happens, you can really do a good forensic assessment if you can go back and look at the activity and understand what’s going on.

So without that, you’re kind of guessing and waiting for future events to happen, as opposed to really looking and analyzing past events to help learn from and improve your organization’s cyber security.

So just something you might want to ask if that’s important to your organization and some MDR service providers record all the activity and some do not. So if it’s important to you, ask about it and it’ll help you narrow down which MDR service providers your organization should be quoting. I hope that was helpful.

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