SD-WAN Vendors: Pricing for Bandwidth

You’ve been hearing about SD-WAN but how much does it cost? Well, it depends on the type of SD-WAN. [sigh] For instance, on-prem-only solutions are often priced much differently than cloud-enabled. So, let’s tackle at least one of them today. In

SD-WAN Vendors: Do not ignore site-to-cloud

If you’re researching SD-WAN for your company, you’ve probably noticed that there is a delineation, between on-prem-only solutions, and cloud-enabled solutions. If your company’s critical applications are moving to the cloud, you should absolutely take inventory of how your WAN

SD-WAN Vendors: Application Optimization

Your company is interested in improving the performance of a cloud application and you’re researching if SD-WAN might do the trick. You’ve heard that SD-WAN solutions offer the ability to optimize (i.e. reduce the packet loss and latency of), the

The Best SD-WAN Providers: Installation

Your company is researching SD-WAN, and you’ve been put in charge of the project. The problem you’re having is there are dozens of SD-WAN providers offering their own spin on this new technology. So, which handful of SD-WAN providers should

Is VoIP Reliable for Business? SD-WAN

Your company is researching hosted VoIP solutions to replace your on-prem PBX, but you’re concerned about call quality. How will the public Internet be as reliable as your current PRI? The answer is your company will be fine, if you

SD-WAN Pricing

SD-WAN. It’s definitely a thing you should know about. You know this… but how much does it cost? In this video, AeroCom President, Mike Smith, talks about how SD-WAN pricing can be affected by the type of architecture you choose. He

Global Hosted VoIP Providers

Your company has international offices and you are looking for a new, global phone system solution. Since hosted VoIP is the direction the PBX market seems to be headed, it looks like a cloud solution will be on the list of

The Best SD-WAN Vendors: Cloud Security

When your company decides between SD-WAN vendors, you absolutely want to understand the different options available, when it comes to security. Does the solution perform security decision-making on-site, or in the cloud? What’s the difference? Watch AeroCom’s President, Mike Smith,

The Best SD-WAN Vendors: TCP Proxy

Your company needs to reduce latency, packet loss, or jitter, on a site-to-site application. Of course, you’ve been researching if SD-WAN might be the solution. In this video, AeroCom President, Mike Smith, explains why certain SD-WAN vendors might be a better

The Best SD-WAN Vendors: Firewall and Security Options

How will SD-WAN affect your company’s firewall and security? Will SD-WAN “play nice” with your existing firewall setup? Does SD-WAN include a firewall? What about content filtering and next-gen, UTM security options, like IPS and IDS? Watch the video below to