Cloud Therapy: EP 015 – Ethan Banks from Packet Pushers

Co-Host of the hit IT podcast, Packet Pushers, Ethan Banks, joins Mike to tell some fantastic stories about his journey in IT. From his haunting memory of the “Broadcast Storm” that took his credit card processing data center down, to

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Cloud Therapy: EP 007 – Automate Server Tasks to Level Up in IT

Steve Tarver, Principal Engineer at CenturyLink discusses several ways IT professionals and Sys Admins can “Level Up,” and become an extremely valued and sought-after professional, through using automation and shifting to a Dev Ops mindset. Want to hear more Cloud

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Cloud Therapy: EP 006 – Interview with Cloud Expert Brian Gracely

Your host, Mike Smith, chats with acclaimed cloud expert, Brian Gracely, co-host of hit podcast, The Cloudcast. Brian recounts fascinating stories about his career, including his most difficult moment, what he did to attract praise from his bosses, a time when

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About Cloud Therapy: A New Podcast

Introducing Cloud Therapy… A NEW podcast for all IT professionals seeking to catapult their careers to the next level. Listen to a quick overview of who your host, Mike Smith is and how this podcast will act as a guide

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5 Steps to Writing a Great Review

Do you have a review that you’d like to post on our website but you are somewhat stuck when it comes to translating your thoughts into a something that others will enjoy reading? It’s not always easy to take your

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Positive Reviews Have Massive Impact

Hi, my name is Mike Smith and I’m a negative reviewer… but I know I need to change. I’m not a restaurant snob, I swear… A few years ago, my wife took me to killer steakhouse near our house. It

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Everyone Wants to Feel Liked

Did you know that telecom and cloud service providers actually hate being mocked about their notoriously bad level of service? Of course… Everyone wants to be liked! Did you know they think they just can’t afford to be “good?” It’s

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A Better and More Affordable Phone System

Three reasons why your business should think about implementing Hosted VoIP technology   Maintenance and Reliability Hosted VoIP is designed to include maintenance. When a regular phone system breaks down, it can be very overwhelming to contact the phone company

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This infographic lists some important facts about DDoS and DDoS Prevention and Mitigation Services. Click below to have an AeroCom representative help you find the best 3 DDoS Mitigation/Prevention service providers. MY TOP 3

Hey IT Pros! Service Providers have a lot in common with you.

Once again, I found myself explaining why Yelp is not a good place to form your opinion on providers. People never stop and think… “Wow, my provider hasn’t had an outage or glitch in 6 months… I think I’ll go on over and post a raving review on Yelp!” Nope… but if you have an issue with a service provider and you get a person in customer care that isn’t very nice… Yelp and everyone around you is gonna hear about it.

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