Cloud Therapy: EP 024 – How SD-WAN Improves VoIP Call Quality

Learn how to improve your company’s VoIP call quality by adding SD-WAN to your Hosted VoIP service. Listen to Vonage Business‘ Sales Engineer, Jake Fry, explain how SD-WAN performs voice improving tasks like Forward Error Correction, Deep Packet Inspection and Multi-Path

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Cloud Therapy: EP 009 – The Time James Cancel Learned How to Prepare for a VoIP Install

Today, James Cancel is in charge of Globalgig’s (formerly Velis4) N.O.C. in Los Angeles but prior to working at Velis4, James was once a Hosted PBX repair engineer… and boy did he learn a painful technical lesson once on a

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SD-WAN, MPLS, P2P or VPN? [Infographic]

Which WAN technology is the best fit for your company? We made this nifty step-by-step infographic to help you decide. CLICK HERE if you’d like to download a copy (with links to WAN technology definitions), to save for later… and no,

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Cloud Therapy: Ep 003 – 5 Ways to Prepare for an SD-WAN Install

    So you’ve decided to move to SD-WAN. What should your IT department do to make sure you have a smooth installation? To answer these questions, we invited an expert SD-WAN engineer, Jack Dolan from Aryaka Networks, to speak

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Cloud Therapy: Ep 002 – Questions for Service Providers for MPLS, SDWAN, P2P & VPN

Your company is shopping for a WAN service, such as MPLS, SDWAN, EPL (a.k.a. Point to Point), or IPsec VPN. And you want to pick the right technology and best provider…quickly. Well your ability to do the above is going

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Cloud Therapy: Episode 001 – What is SD-WAN? [Podcast]

What is SD-WAN and what are the benefits? How does it compare to MPLS and other business WAN services? We bring an extremely experienced, long-time provider engineer, David Kline from TPx (formerly TelePacific) Communications, to answer all of these questions for

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So you are contemplating replacing your MPLS network with an SD-WAN network. But you’re wondering, “What’s the difference?” Well, as I explained in a previous blog, SD-WAN can bring a ton of benefits, like increased network speed, more link uptime,

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Six Benefits of SD-WAN

You’re an IT manager for a company with multiple locations. Your MPLS WAN contract is coming up and you’re thinking… “Do we still need MPLS? Should we just go big bandwidth at all sites and run an IP-Sec VPN? Should

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The Best Business SIP Voice Providers

“SIP is SIP, right? If we are quoting SIP for our company’s voice, what feature differences can there be between providers?” During the month of December, (in between my Amazon shopping sessions), I set out to answer this question for

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This infographic illustrates the fantastic benefits of using SIP trunking for your company’s dial tone.   Learn the 3 best SIP telecom solutions for your company, today! MY TOP 3