Business-Class Cable Internet

Do you need faster Internet?

Coaxial_cable_cutBusiness-class cable Internet service is a type of broadband connection that transmits data over a coaxial (a.k.a. coax), cable network connection. Typically faster than DSL and less expensive than fiber optic Internet, a business-class cable Internet connection offers a great balance of speed and affordability. This service is a technology with high-bandwidth to homes and small businesses over a coaxial cable line. It is offered as both a stand-alone option or at a discounted rate if bought in a bundle with other services, like cable TV.

How does it work?

Unlike DSL, which transmits data over a phone line, business Cable Internet service uses the cable TV infrastructure to transmit data over coaxial cable. Cable Internet users have a special cable modem, provided by the cable Internet companies, themselves, that use a slice of the available bandwidth of the connection to download and upload information. Just like how a DSL connection does not tie-up its phone line, a cable Internet connection does not affect the ability to watch TV throughout the business. The set-up requires a technician since there is a wire running through to your modem, inside your office.

What’s in it for you?

Availability. This service is offered almost anywhere and is known for how accessible it is. If your office can receive cable television, it can most likely receive cable Internet. This means you don’t have to worry about where to locate your office.

High Download Speed. Cable connections have incredibly fast download speeds. Much faster than some of the other types of broadband Internet such as satellite and DSL, which enables you to download large files, faster. It offers speeds accommodating the needs of companies of all size; small, medium or large.

Consistency. While the speed of a DSL connection is based on how close your house is to the phone company, a cable connection will have a consistent speed, no matter how far away the cable company is located from your office.

Price. High-speed business-class cable Internet service typically delivers the lowest cost per Mbps in a given area. This makes it an affordable purchase especially for smaller businesses.

Great for a backup. Because of it’s low price and extremely high bandwidth speeds, larger businesses often use business-class cable for a backup Internet connection to their primary fiber Internet connection. That way, they aren’t paying a lot for a dormant connection and if they ever have to use it, the fast download speed gives them a way to limp along until their primary Internet is restored.

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