Fixed Wireless

Connect to the Internet at High Speeds, with Fiber

Is your company growing and you need a high speed Internet connection, with guaranteed up-time and guaranteed bandwidth for both uploading and downloading… yet you can’t get (or don’t want), fiber? Fixed Wireless might be the right tool for the job.

How does it work?Technology Picture - Fixed Wireless Internet

With Fixed Wireless Internet, your ISP streams your company’s
Internet connection, wirelessly, to your building, using a line-of-sight, microwave signal. First, your ISP installs a microwave dish on the roof of your building with a non-penetrating mount. Then they point that dish to the antenna on the roof of their nearest Point of Presence (POP). There must be direct line-of-site, without any obstructions, between your antenna and their’s. Sorry, that tree might have to get trimmed!

What’s in it for you?

Improve connection speeds. Fixed Wireless is typically a dedicated, synchronous connection, which means your upload and download speed are equal and guaranteed, at all times. Your connection will be accompanied with a Service Level Agreement (SLA), guaranteeing network availability, packet loss and latency.

Quickly installed and scalable. Unlike a wired connection, Fixed Wireless does not require any coordination with the wires on poles or in streets and therefore, it can be installed within days, rather than weeks. In addition, in many cases, Fixed Wireless is installed with room to grow your connection, without having to replace any of the equipment… which means it can be throttled up within minutes.

Diverse Path. Fixed Wireless is often a fantastic compliment to a company’s existing fiber Internet connection. Many companies are adding a second Internet connection for back-up or load balancing. With a Microwave Wireless signal, you are not using any of the lines in the street and therefore, your company has true redundancy when your company has both a wire-line and Fixed Wireless Internet connection.

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