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Established more than 20 years ago, NetFortris has grown to become the leading provider of secure cloud communication solutions to forward-thinking, mid-sized and enterprise businesses. NetFortris solutions are innovative, flexible and seamlessly integrated to provide a unified, end-to-end platform for voice, data, video and applications.

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Jeffrey Wilson

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We are a group of restaurants with 10 locations from New York to California of over 2000 employees. We've had NetFortris for about 5 years, utilizing their end-to-end service. We have internet circuits, VOIP phones, and MPLS under our service agreement . We decided to use NetFortris for their pricing, customer service and the full service options they provided. Internet circuits and VOIP phones, as well as utilizing MPLS to help us network our multiple locations together. We also wanted to bring all locations under same provide to make support much easier.
In the last year, their Customer Service and quality of their infrastructure has been declining. Where it once took a few hours to get a response and issues resolved, it will now take several days. We are on older equipment as well, which helped reduce cost, but when looking to move to their SD-WAN service, the costs suddenly became prohibitive.
We have 1 location, a new site at the time, where we brought in service. They provided a 10MB AT&T Fiber circuit. From day one the circuit never worked correctly. We replaced the Cinnea box, had vendor meets with AT&T onsite to review all causes and it always came down to NetFortris not properly configuring their network to work with AT&T. Their solution was their new SD-WAN service. Basically, they are reselling VeloCloud services. I've heard good things about VeloCloud and their solution has helped now that we have a second internet circuit in place with Comcast Buisness. The VeloCloud box does well in stabilizing the AT&T circuit when its not working well. However, even NetFortris techs are not fully versed in the VeloCloud solution or how to use it. They often take days to contact VeloCloud about a problem we have with it, only to finally get a response of the VeloCloud devices needs a firmware update. The VeloCloud solution was also sold as providing the IT pro a cloud portal to monitor and make adjustments as needed. I'm still awaiting access to that portal and keep being told I have it, only to find I'm unable to access it.

Lastly, the cost. Their SD-WAN solution wants to charge you monthly rental fee of the device plus a per MB rate based upon how much bandwidth is installed. For example, a 10MB AT&T and a 25MB Comcast circuit is billed upon a 35MB rate, around an additional $100/month. It goes up from there. For mid-sized businesses, which NetFortris says they support, you may quickly find yourself priced out of their SD-WAN solution.

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